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Did the founding fathers favor democracy for all?


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No, they did not. They favored liberty and freedom for all, protected by a Constitution of absolute government limits and lead by leaders who were elected, not coronated. The founding fathers limited the democratic process and who could vote to just land owners in the beginning. It was only later, through many years and many suffrage movements, that most other people got the right to vote. The real defect in the democratic system occurs when we confuse the procedure of democracy (only good for electing our leaders) with the idea of democracy as a system of government. The founders adopted the democratic system as a procedure to give themselves a Republic, which would ensure the preservation of liberty, freedom and the right to seek happiness.

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They had all ready lived under monarchy and knew that is what they didn't want.

you would be better off looking on his bio that is where i found all my info from.

No. You have to consider what the meaning of "founding fathers" are. Founding something requires laying fundamental building blocks. All of our founding fathers were not white, because many different people are responsible for the development of The United States. An example would be Greece. They qualify as a founding father for The United States. They were the first culture to install democracy into their culture after winner battles Salamis and Marathon. Our country used their method of democracy to establish government. Another example of America's founding fahers were the slaves. Slaves were the main income for agriculture. Agriculture was the fundamental building to America's Industrial Revolution. Look into the history books of our country. The founding fathers are in the pages of books. You just have to look for them. The true founding fathers of this nation were just not men signing documentation, they have definded the world we see around us each and everyday. I hope that answers your question.

The founding fathers revolted against the British because they were always all up in their grill.

The founding fathers believed in liberty for all, yet many "owned" slaves.

Out of all the Founding Fathers, the only one who did not attend college was George Washington. He was one of the seven Founding Fathers from Virginia.

The very first words of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution shows the Founding Fathers' belief in democracy. "We the people" shows their interest in the well being of all citizens.

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The founding fathers wanted to protect, above all things, the unalienable rights which all men possessed: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The founding fathers feared that a democratic government, with power in the hands of the people. They knew and discussed how all prior democracies ended in disastrous failure.

The Founding Fathers saw the United States as a free nation, where there would always be a separation of religion and state.

No. The Founding Fathers were inspired by Enlightenment ideals and opposed to despots. The Ancient Egyptian system and the contemporaneous Egyptian governates were despotic regimes that opposed almost all Enlightenment ideals. As a result, the Founding Fathers did not use Egypt as inspiration.

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all white people livinng in the republic

None. They were all born in the colonies.

The Founding Fathers all spoke English so it's reasonable to think that they assumed this would be the dominant language. Otherwise, they'd all have had to learn another language.

All of it. The definition of the term "Founding Fathers" is those men who helped write those two documents. Michael Montagne

The Founding Fathers were fond of republicanist values, though debated among themselves on what republicanism meant. John Adams defined it as 'a government, in which all men... are equally subject to the laws.'

He came from a poor background. He was from the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis in the Carribean, and he was an illegitimate child. Most, if not all, of the other Founding Fathers came from rich families.

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