Did you know that Ras cardo and Junior Braithwaite were mentors to Bob Marley?

Very very true. When Bob Marley first walked into trench town they were the ones who first saw him and protected him. They were the ones who also helped him to get acquainted with the area and were the ones who originally started the music with him. Then when junior left the island for Chicago, and Ricardo( ras cardo) went to school Bob decided to continue his music with Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston( now Bunny Wailer.
Cardo became a trusted confidant and mentor to Bob Marley and did a lot of reasonings with him about several things of life. Cardo and Junior remained Bob's close friends and confidants up to his death. The same was for Peter Tosh.
There is a lot of detailed history that Ras cardo has not revealed to the world concerning their days in trench town and the music. He has the facts and the truths which so many today seek. Cardo also writes a blog today for www.rascardoreggae.newsvine.com and may be reached there.