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Did you make a mistake if you reported your daughter for abuse twice for her foster kids and she has disowned and harassed you in every way?


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Good for you mom! There are so few people that will take action in cases like these. I know it was a hard call for you because she is your daughter, but children ALWAYS come first. She won't hate you forever. They are foster children and deserve the best care as if you were their own parent! There should be no "twice" with Child Welfare! Tell them if they don't do something about this then you will go to the media. Child Welfare already has points against them for jumping all over some parents who do no harm to their children, but will let serious cases of child abuse fall through the cracks of their imperfect system so once the word "media" hits their ears they'll jump through hoops for you. The next time she comes to your home (if she does) and harrasses you or threatens you phone the police and they will take her away in handcuffs! I know this is hard, but it will scare the dickens out of her and she needs that. If she phones you with threatening phone calls then record them. This does not work well on a cordless phone or a cell phone, but regular corded phones. Then take the tapes into a lawyer or to the police. You can also go to "legal aid" for legal help if money is an issue and they will help you control your daughter. You can get a "Cease & Desist Order" against her and if she breaks it, she does jail time! No, you did nothing wrong, and I'm so proud of you. It was hard for you to do this, but always listen to you heart as you just have done and realize that even if they aren't your own children we are all responsible for doing something about abuse against children. You did the right thing! God Bless Marcy


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