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A hostname is the name of a server, on a local network it can be a simple name like "mailserver".

For use on the internet, domain name and hostname is for most practical purposes the same thing.

See related Wikipedia link.

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Q: Difference between domain name and host name?
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What is the function of a domain host?

A domain host functions as a host for your website. For example if you want a website for your company, you will require a domain host in order to set up a domain for your website. Often you can purchase a domain name that matches the name of your company.

What is a domain server?

Domain Name Servers hold IP address to host name and host name to IP address mappings. For each domain there is usually a primary and secondary Domain Name Server.

What is the difference between a host name and FQDN?

The hostname is just the name of the computer whereas the FQDN is the domain name of the computer. For example if your computer was a member the domain "", your hostname might be something like "workstation01" and your FQDN would be ""

What is a host name?

"Host" could mean your domain name provider, your webspace provider, etc. A host name is the name of your "Host".

What is the difference between the host name and computer name?

Host name is what your computer uses for items Get the meaning of host? And your computer name is the name of the computer its self.

What are domain names that contain the name of the host called?

Fully Qualified Domain Name

What is the difference between a Workgroup and a Domain?

Have to remember all the system name, and there is no centralaized management.

What is the difference between an IP address and a Domain name?

Domain Names and IP addresses are similar to variable names and their memory locations in a programming language.What we use are domain names.Eg: wiki.answers.comfirst part is the host name and the last part is the type of organisation'wiki' is the host name which belongs to the 'answers' domain which inturn is a part of the 'com' domainIP addresses are numeric addresses (usually 32-bit) given to every computer accessing the internet.Name servers are used to convert domain names to appropriate IP addresses.

What part of a URL that identifies the host computer?

Domain Name

How do you find a ip address of a domain name?

If you want to find IP address of a domain name,use Domain Host Search service from .

How can one obtain domain name registrations?

Domain name registrations are available from the following sources: -Go Daddy -Veri Sign -Network Solutions -Publish 247 -Dream Host -Just Host -Host Gator

What contains host records for a domain?

a name server would hold the records for any given domain

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