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Q: Disarming in a sentence?
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A sentence for disarming?

The cop was disarming the suspect when he made a run for it.

Use the word disarming in a sentence?

His ability to stay calm was disarming.

What is a sentence using the word disarming?

It was disarming to know that bob was in the hospital.

How can you use disarming in a sentence?

Her disarming smile made him feel completely comfortable talking to him.

Can you give me a sentence using the word disarming?

When I walked past, the police were disarming a suspect.

How can i use disarming in a sentence?

Her disarming smile gained her admittance to the restaurant, no questions asked.

Can you make a sentence with the word disarming?


What is a sentence using disarming?

As a verb: They decided that the best choice for disarming the bomb was to use the robot.As an adjective: Watch out for him, he has a smooth, disarming manner.

How do you write a sentence using the word disarming?

Subject (noun) verb in past tense and then present progessive, which is disarming for example I was disarming the guard.

What is a good sentence for the word disarming?

His sweet words and charm made him a truly disarming character.

How do you write disarming in a sentence?

We won the battle by disarming our enemies.He's a great debater who enjoys disarming the arguments made by his opponents.The professionals on the bomb squad had no trouble disarming the explosives devices.He pulled off the burgulary by somehow disarming the alarm system.

What is sentence using the word disarming?

The storm trooper took out the enemy by disarming his weapon and finally shooting him in the head.

What is an example sentence for disarming?

The main focus is on disarming the weapons in North Korea.Upon disarming the suspect, the officers moved in for the arrest.

How do you use disarming in a sentence?

Disarming can be used as a noun (gerund), a verb, or an adjective.-- Noun"Disarming the enemy prisoners was a dangerous operation."--Verb"He was very nervous as he was disarming the bomb."-- Adjective(used metaphorically to mean taking one off guard, or putting at ease)"He can be very disarming when he wants to be."

What is a sentence using the word neutralizing?

Immediatley disarming Iran will have a neutralizing effect.

Sentence with disarming?

Disarming can mean a number of things. To look them all up go on an internet dictionary but I'll give you one. "The police chased the suspect around the corner, attempting to disarm him of his firearm". a bit.

What is the definition of disarming?

Disarming removing or lessening suspicions or fears

What is the root or base word of disarming?

The root or base word of 'disarming' is 'arm'.

How would you make a sentence using the word precautionary?

You should take any and all precautionary measures when disarming the terrorist bomb.

How might a disarming smile affects you?

When something's disarming, it calms hostility. A disarming smile from you can transform what could have been a tense conversation with an angry neighbor. When you disarm a security system, it won't go off — everything is okay. The same thing happens when you act in a disarming way.

What is the synonym for disarming?


What is the root for the word disarming?


What rhymes with charming?

alarming, farming... arming, disarming, harming...AlarmingHarmingfarmingFarmingalarming, disarming, farming, arming

Definition of disarming?

Disarming is a behavior that has an effect on others that you are being hostile. It can also mean that a person uses charm to be hostile to other people.

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