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Q: Do you feel that a functional departmentalization structure is best for Shutterstock Why or why not?
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What is Southwest Airlines organizational structure size type of departmentalization centralization leader?

Southwest Airlines 1. Organisational structure 2. Size 3. type of departmentalization 4. degree of centralization 5. who is the leader 6. Why is it the best company to work for?

What type of institutional structure is best for a marketing research department in a large business farm?

The type of institutional structure which is best for a marketing research department for a large farm is a functional structure.

When and under what conditions might managers change from a functional structure to a product structure or a geographic structure or a market structure?

Different strategies often call for the use of different organizational structures. A differentiation strategy aimed at increasing quality usually succeeds best in a flexible structure. [ This is a reason a manager might change from a functional to a product, geographic or market structure. A low-cost strategy aimed at driving down costs fares best in a more formal structure.

What site has the best cat pictures?

The best cat pictures can be found on many sites including Picasa, iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Photl, Photostockplus, Gettyimages, Dreamatime and Stockfreeimages.

Which of the following phrases best describes the focus of the structural-functional approach?

discipline and learn how to approach the structural - functional

What is the best bridge structure?

indeterminate structure

When is it best to use a functional resume?

Functional resume is used mostly when you have little work experience or you want to change your field.

Why does tension occur between coordination and departmentalization in a business organisation?

Tension occurs:When forces for coordination are stronger than the forces for departmentalisation, functional departmentalisation tend to work best.When forces for coordination and departmentalisation are equal, a customer form of departmentalisation works best.When forces for departmentalisation are stronger than forces for coordination, place or product departmentalisation is best

Which font is best for a functional resume?

Times New Roman

Which best describes the meaning of the word secular?

i think is functional

What is functional and matrix structure.under what condition matrix structure is most suitable?

the matrix structure :- a Grid of functional and divisional for two chains of command Matrix structure, shown above, combines both structures. For example, we can have a functional structure and then assign a manager for each product. Some employees will have two managers: functional manager and product manager. This type of structure tries to get the benefits of functional structure and also of divisional structure; however, it is not easy to implement because of the dual authority. This structure is very useful for multinational companies. It is important to keep in mind that each managerial decision has its pros and cons. Sometimes, writers will convinve you that divisional or matrix structure are the recent trends and that you need to re engineer your structure tomorrow morning. Obviously, this is not true. Many organizations still has functional structure and is doing very well. It is very important to select the structure that best service your condition. What is your strategy? How many products do you have? What type of technology are you using? How big is your company/organization? Management should take necessary actions to decrease the disadvantages of the chosen structure and to enhance its the positive effects. For example, if we think the divisional structure is the best type for our condition then we should have tools to exchange knowledge between engineers working in different divisions. These tools can include forums on the LAN and conferences to exchange knowledge. Conversely, if we adopt functional structure, we can form teams from different functions to solve problems and develop our products. Developing countries suffer from the lack of research. Most of research on organization structure based on studying Japanes, American and European compoanies but it is rare to find a research based on a sample of African companies. That is a challenge for managers working in developing countries because the research does not really tell them what to do and what to expect. The differences in cultures can affect the results of adopting certain structure in certain part of the world. Sometimes, you deal with the same organization in different parts of the world and get very different standard of service. This shows that this multinational organization failed to reach the same results in the developing country. Management should not think they are going to double their profits because they adopted flat structure (less number of management layers). If this structure reengineering is not part of a certain strategy, it will not work. For example, if we adopt flat structure and then transfer the authorities of the middle management to the top management then we are increasing centralization and decreasing our flexibility. Similarly, if we adopt functional structure and allow for the duplication of resources, then we will get the disadvantages of the functional structure and will lose one of its main advantages which is economies of scale. Many companies have combination between functional, divisional and matrix structure. Many of the decentralized companies will have one or two department centralized such as human resources or marketing. Whatever structure you have, the results are the most important. The results are not your perception that you are the best. Measure yourself compared with similar companies. Do you need one week to take a decision that they make in one hour? Are your employees motivated more than those in other companies? Are you devloping new products and services faster than other companies? Are you achieving your main strategy?

What kind of resume would be best for a person with a lot of skills?


What kind of rรฉsumรฉ would be best for a person with a lot of skills?


The structure of a benzene can be best described as a?

The structure of benzene can be described as a

What is functional area in hotels?

What is functional areas of business?

A gene can be best defined as?

a sequence of nucleotides in DNA that codes for a functional product.

When writing a physical or functional description it is best to organize details?

Spatially. - Novanet

What phrase best describes the best structure of DNA?

base, sugar ring, and phosphate

What is the best process flow structure for making automobiles?

The best process flow structure to use for making automobiles is

Where can one view pictures of the Grim Reaper?

Grim Reaper images can be found many places online. The best places to find a variety of different images of the Grim Reaper would be PhotoBucket and Shutterstock.

Where is the best place to make sales if one is thinking of selling stock photos?

There are hundreds of sites which buy stock photographs. The three that are mostly highly rated for reliability and authenticity are Dreamstime, Shutterstock and Flickr.

Where can one find copyright free pictures of diamonds?

The best place one can find copyright free pictures of diamonds is on the Internet. Some of these websites include freedigitalphotos, inmagine, CanStockPhoto, shutterstock, and Thinkstock.

Where can you find stock photos of a cornucopia?

There are a number of web sites where it is possible to view stock photographs of a cornucopia. Some of the best ones to visit would be Shutterstock, Getty Images or Big Stock Photos.

What market structure best describe the market for cars in the US?

What market structure best describe the market for cars in the US?

Where can a person find female photos for a photo shoot?

The best places to find photos of all kinds is to look on sites like shutterstock which carry stock photos that can be purchased for a fee depending on usage and coverage.