Do 1080p TV sets convert 1080i signal to 1080p format?

All LCD displays use progressive scanning, namely the whole frame is built up line by line rather than odd lines followed by even lines. Therefore, by default, 1080i will be converted to 1080p, but at a frame rate of 25Hz or 29.97Hz. 1080p sets take 1080i cable or satellite signal and convert (deinterlace) it, creating a progressive scan, meaning the picture is painted from the top to the bottom line (there are 1080 such horizontal lines) in a single pass, and this process (in the US) happens 60 times per second. 1080p is normally run at 50Hz (Europe) or 59.94Hz (North America). 1080i is normally half that frequency. Even if the signal is converted from 1080i to 1080p, there is no additional picture information and therefore, little is gained by the conversion. If the television actually does the conversion, it is worth doing a comparison between converted and unconverted to see which produces the most pleasing results.