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The 2000 Ford Expedition utilizes shock absorbers in the rear suspension.

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Q: Do 2000 Ford Expeditions have rear shocks?
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Do 2000 Ford Rangers have shocks or struts?

On a 2000 Ford Ranger : Shock absorbers , front and rear

How do you disconnect the air lines from the front shocks on a 1998 Expedition?

The are not any airlines on the front of the 1998 Ford Expeditions. Only in the rear of the 1998 Ford Expeditions EB. What are you referring too? .

Does a 2000 ford ranger 4X4 have shocks or struts?

shock absorbers front and rear

How do you change rear shocks on 2000 ford exployer?

top bolts seem to be difficult to reach ?

Does a 1999 ford explorer have shocks and struts?

Shocks front and rear

What is wrong when your 2000 Lincoln Navigator rear is low?

youre automatic air ride suspension went out it happens to alot of navigators/expeditions that came from the factory with rear air ride shocks

Does the Ford Escape have struts in back?

it has rear shocks

Does the 2000 Ford Ranger have shocks?

Yes , shock absorbers front and rear. 4X4 models or models with the 4X4 suspension (but aren't real 4X4 models) will have rear shocks only and then have torsion bars in the front.

Does a Ford Focus have shocks?

McPherson struts at the front (shocks and springs together in one unit) Gas shocks at the rear

Does a Ford Contour have shocks or struts in the rear?

chicken little

How do you change shocks and struts on a 2000 ford windstar sel?

Since the Windstar has both struts (front) and shocks (rear), both procedures are covered in the 2 "Related Questions" below

What could be the cause of loud noise when using the passing gear on 2000 ford expedition xlt?

Check your rear Shocks, Transmission mount, exc.

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