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Yes Japan get earthquakes quite often... They recently had one followed by a tsunami

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Q: Do Japan get a lot of earthquakes?
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Are there a lot of earthquakes in Japan?

The island of Japan has a lot of earthquakes because it is located near major tectonic plate boundaries. Japan is very seismically active with over 1,500 earthquakes per year. Japan is also situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire which is a hotbed of seismic activity where a large number of earthquakes and volcanoes occur.

What place in the wold has the most Tsunamis?

Japan they have a lot of earthquakes too

Are there any countries that experience a lot of earthquakes?

Japan is one i can think of.

Why is japan at risk for earthquakes?

Because their plates shift a lot in the water

Who has more earthquakes Japan or California?

Japan. It has a lot of earthquakes, and is one of the most affected areas in the world. Because of their technology level (compared to countries like Indonesia and Fiji), Japan is the country with the most earthquakes reported each year. Though, that doesn't mean it's the country with the most earthquakes. But it certainly has more earthquakes than California.

How many earthquakes has Japan had?

Japan has had about 40 earthquakes in total.

How many earthquakes and tsunamis did Japan have?

In Japan there were two earthquakes

Why Japan has earthquakes?

Yes, because Japan is in a place called: "The Ring of Fire" which has a lot of tectonic plates moving and slipping.

How geography of Japan affects the way of life in Japan?

The geography of Japan is affected by earthquakes. People built homes that would survive earthquakes. Because Japan is made of islands, the people eat a lot of sea food and must trade with other countries to get fuel.

What is the cause for earthquakes in Japan?

The Movement of Techtonic Plates causes the earthquakes in Japan.

How many earthquakes have japan had over the years?

Japan has about 1000 earthquakes a year.

How many earthquakes occur every year in japan?

Japan has about 1,500 earthquakes

How many earthquakes happened in Japan in 1970?

No major earthquakes were reported for Japan in 1970.

In what ways is Japan compared with California?

Very dense population. They also both have a lot of minor earthquakes.

Why would Japanese people leave Japan?

because japan has a lot of earthquakes and tsunami so if you live near the coast your house could get destroyed

Why are the houses in Japan made of wood?

Houses in japan are made of wood as japan is prone to earthquakes and does experience constant earthquakes

Where do most of the worlds earthquakes and volcanoes occur?

HaitiJapan has quite a lot as it is on the boundary of several tectonic plates.

How tsunami waves could cause so much destruction?

In Japan, there is a lot of earthquakes. Therefore, most homes in Japan were built to withstand earthquakes. However, they were not made for tsunamis. When the tsunami arrived, everything it its path got destroyed. That is why it caused so much destruction to Japan.

Does Japan have earthquakes?

Yes. Japan has loads of earthquakes. In fact, they have on average three earthquakes a day! That is more than some places have in a whole year!

How many times has Japan had Earthquakes?

Japan gets tons of earthquakes, about one every year, because of Japan's position. Japan sits on a subduction zone, meaning plates slide under another causing friction and earthquakes. Sometimes, Japan will get a tsunami caused by their frequent earthquakes.

Why do japan have many earthquakes?

its why does :)

How does Japan try to reduce the effects of earthquakes?

Japan tries to reduce the effects of earthquakes just like every other place with earthquakes. They try to build their buildings and houses to withstand earthquakes.

Why does Japan suffer from earthquakes?

Japan has many earthquakes because it is position in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Japan also has many volcanoes and are prone to tsunamis.

Was Japan a major area for Earthquakes?

Yes, Japan is an earthquake-prone spot. Japan is more likely to have earthquakes than many other countries.

What has the largest erthquake?

The most largest earthquakes are in Japan, there are earthquakes there everyday, mostly there are small earthquakes.