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Probably in an emergency but not as part of their regular patrol duties. They would however be a part of crowd control in certain situations.

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How did people react on the first traffic light?

it lightened up the whole city and people were very glad seeing no traffic for the first time in history!!

Why do people need trolleys what are they used for?

Trolleys offer a way for people to travel from place to place in a city. They eliminate a lot of traffic and allow people a break from driving and sitting in traffic.

How many schools are in Mexico City?


Which city has a population under 100000?


How many different types of police are there?

It depends on where you are and exactly what you mean. In the U.S. within any given department there are patrol officers, traffic officers, adminstrative officers, Tac team or SWAT officers, supervisors, detectives, etc. Then there are city officers, county officers, state troopers, DEA, FBI, CIA, post office police, school police (some schools use fully commissioned police officers), special ops (tact team, SWAT team, etc).

What California city had a population of 100000 by 1849?


Where can one find more information about traffic conditions in Denver?

A website called "traffic" was created for the purpose of educating people on traffic conditions of various locations. It provides you with the necessary information to determine how the traffic is an a certain city or location.

What weapons do police officers have on them?

It depends on the city. Here in my city, patrol officers carry only a handgun, a Sig 229, and most officers carry a knife of some sort. In this city, officers do not carry Tazers or batons. In some cities, officers do carry Tazers and expandable batons. Officers here also normally have shotguns available in the car, and under certain circumstances, they can get AR-15 rifles.

What are the requirements in becoming a traffic officer?

If you are referring to a Police Traffic Officer, they are drawn from the same ranks as all poice officers - you can check the application requirement of any department you are interested in. Some jurisdictions (usually large cities), have civiliantraffic aides - again, you would have to check the job qualification with the partcular city you are interested in.

Who pays city police officers?

City police are usually paid by the city government.

What US city has most police officers?

New york city

What are local law enforcement officers?

Local law enforcement officers are officers considered to be in your city or your county. They usually carry the name of your city or county. The Highway Patrol is not considered local law enforcement.

Where there were 100000 televisions in New York City by 1931?


What was the first US city to have traffic lights?

what city in the u.s became the first to install an electric traffic light

What is Jakarta famous for?

The great of big city always famous for, traffic, the people, the food, the entertainment, etc.

Are police officers federal?

There are police officers at every level of government. Federal, state, county, city and agencies all can have sworn police officers.

How many officers are there in the LCPD?

There are approximately 40,000 officers in the Liberty City Police Department. It is not known if you can kill all of the officers & agents of the L.C.P.D, F.I.B and N.O.o.S.E .

How can you kill all officers in vice city?

You cant

Bayamon Puerto Rico is the City of the what?

The city of the traffic jams.

What City has the highest paid correctional officers?

highest paidCity of las Vegas

Does Oklahoma City have bad traffic?


What is the role of a public servant?

A public servant works for the people of a city or county. They will be police officers, judges, medical providers and firefighters for example.

Traffic stop outside of jurisdiction in il?

In most states sworn law enforcement officers (City cops, troopers, deputies etc...) Have state wide police powers and can, in needed, stop a vehicle outside of their jurisdiction.

How much does the Malibu costs in gta vice city?

i think 100000-120000 $

Which New York City bridge carries the most traffic?

The George Washington Bridge sees the most traffic in New York City.