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Yes they do. When you are working with weights for your biceps, it also has effect on your stomach muscles. This is getting two workouts for one.

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Q: Do abdominal trainers also work on your biceps?
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What muscles do cross trainers work out?

Cross trainers work out many muscles but mainly they work out the abdominal and arm muscles.

What muscles do you work out when you wash dishes?

You use your pectoral , biceps , triceps , forearm hamstring / thigh (same thing) and calf to keep you standing , shoulder muscles and abdominal

T-bar rows are primary used to work the legs and biceps?

Rows are primarily used to work your back but they also work your biceps and I suppose your legs a little bit.

Is there any abdominal exercise equipment that uses a ball?

A lot of Personal Trainers use medicine balls as abdominal exercise equipment. They come in different sizes so it will work for any body size. They are also easy to store without taking up a lot of space.

How does biceps and triceps work together?

The biceps and triceps are used to bend and extend the elbow. When your biceps contract it bends the elbow and when the triceps contract it extends the elbow. Also, when the biceps contracts, the triceps relaxes - and vice versa.

What work out works your biceps?

Push ups and weights are good work outs for the biceps.

How do push ups work your biceps?

They don't work your biceps they work your triceps, chest, and i believe the back as well.

How do you get giant biceps?

eat/drink a lot of protein and work your biceps

What online site to buy abdominal machines?

I am also looking to purchase an abdominal machine, and have therefore done some research on what types of machines are available. I have found that there are many different types of machines to work your abs, and you can purchase these machines from this site:

How do you get stronger biceps?

do exercise which requires your biceps to work and ad you get better and stronger biceps increase your repetitions matex

Why do you work the biceps?

Chicks like it.

How do you work your biceps?

bicept curl

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