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Do abusive men constantly break up with their girlfriends to gain control?

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Yes some can, but they will never truly leave their "victim" alone. It's a form of mental abuse. The victim usually finds it very difficult to be on their own or, they are terrified their abuser will actually come back into their life. Abusers love to "put down" their victim and make them hurt. Abusers can have several women in their lives (he may not abuse all of them), but, because of their abusive nature they know they can always come back into the victim's life and they do! Only the person being abused can stop this cycle of abuse.

2006-07-26 09:05:40
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If your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, you can break the negative cycle by seeking the services of a family counselor or filing for divorce.

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It depends. If she doesn't like you constantly texting her, she could very well decide that you're too clingy and break up with you. If she likes it, no problem. You have to decide why you feel like you need to constantly text her though - are you constantly needing reassurance or are you trying to control her? Both of those things could result in a turn-off and she might break up with you for that.

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How soon does an abusive boyfriend abuse and try to gain control?

First he'll start out nice to the point where you like him so much you wont want to break up with him. Then he'll start being abusive mental first little by little. Then he'll start to actually hit and push you. But he'll do all of this gradually.

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Do abusive men ever leave their partners or is it a test to see if you will call them?

Usually abusive men are in love with the control they have over their partners. They will do various things to keep the abuse going which includes leaving their partner, holding back on affection, etc. They will do ANYTHING to keep that control. So no it's not a test to see if they can get you to call them, it's a way of keeping control over their partner to break them down emotionally. Everything that is done is intentional & the abuser will get upset when they are not getting the results they are wanting and the abuse will usually escalate from there. It's a cycle and the only person that can end it is the victim. When you're in an abusive relationship it is hard to break free but know that you are putting your life at risk by continuing to stay in this situation. Good luck & God Bless!

How do you know when its time to break up with your girlfreind?

Is time to break up with your girlfriend when: She does something to break your heart. You dont feel anything for her anymore. She is very abusive or controlling. etc.

Why does an abusive partner act like he doesn't care if you break up as he sees you as pathetic but then he comes running back after you break up?

The first red flag here is when you used the world "abusive". As hard as it is to take...abusive partners do not care. They may say they care and act as though they care at certain times, but in all reality someone who abuses you cannot truly care about you. As far as the fact he comes back to you...abusive partners need to feel in control. When you finally get the guts to tell them it's over they will act as though they don't care, but in all reality they feel like they are losing control of you. They may give you the silent treatment for awhile, but end up running back to you saying "I will change" or "we can work on this". Things will not change. Get out while you can...I did.

Do girlfriends look at other guys?

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What do you do if you like more your girlfriends best friend?

>.> BREAK UP WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND. It's not rocket science.

Why do your abusive boyfriend blame your roommate he think this woman is going to break us apart?

Your abusive boyfriend is a control freak. He wants you all to himself. Blaming your roommate is his way of both projecting the blame for his abuse (and thus denying it) and of causing you to take sides and thus prying you away from her support. Your roommate is probably right, by the way.

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When do you know when to break off an abusive relationship?

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A controlling boyfriend can tell you when you can go out; if you can go out with girlfriends; may want to know everything you do during the course of the day; take control of where the two of you will go when together; may tell you how to dress and act; may be jealous of other young men around you; could be verbally abusive to you by telling you that you are less than you are such as you are not pretty; you're fat, etc. You have to realize you are in control of your own destiny and if your boyfriend is controlling you in negative ways then break up with him as soon as possible as it will only get worse. If you do not respect yourself, then no one else will respect you. You deserve better!

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