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Brain cells, damaged for whatever reasons, do not regenerate. However, the brain has the capacity to re-route its neural networks to make up for lost functions if the damage is not too severe.

Most alcoholics who get into recovery early and stick with it do eventually regain most of their mental function. Beyond a certain point, however, irreversible brain damage (known as "wet brain") occurs, and full functioning can never be regained.

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Q: Do alcoholic brain cells grow back?
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When brain cells die do they grow back?

No, they do not grow back. Yes, they do.

Do brain cells grow back after smoking weed?

No, brain cells never grow back. Once they're dead, they're dead.

Can you grow back brain cells?

The person who answered this before was incorrect. They said that brain cells don't grow back, which has been disproved by recent scientific research. In fact, brain cells do grow back, but there is no guarantee that you will be left with as many as you started with!

Can sniffing glue kill your brain cells?

Yes, and brain cells don't grow back.

What does glue drug do?

Cyanoacrylate glue will scramble your brain cells. Brain cells don't grow back.

How does injuries on skin heal faster than injuries in the brain?

Injuries in the brain do not heal because brain cells cannot grow back. On the other hand body cells (skin) do grow back.

When brain cell dies due to sneezing do they grow back?

Brain cells never grow back. But sneezing doesn't kill brain cells, and even if it did, you have so many brain cells losing a few would literally make no difference at all.

Do you get back brain cells?

yes they grow back over a long period of time

Do your brain cells grow back after the effects of weed?

No. Hope this helps.

Can adults grow new brain cells?

No one can grow new brain cells. Kids or adults.

Why should not sniff glue?

Because it kills your brain cells (and they don't grow back ).

Can water make your brain cells to grow?

Yes water can make your brain cells grow, but too much water will make your brain cells burst.

Why does the brain not grow back brain cells?

It was once thought that the brain could not create new cells and neurons, but newer evidence shows the brain has a capacity to repair itself just like the rest of the body.

Do marijuana brain cells grow back?

This question is invalid. Are you implying that marijuana kills brain cells? If so, that is not correct. Marijuana has never been proven to kill brain cells in any peer reviewed study to date.

Can Brain Cells grow back after a stroke?

Yes, to some extent they can grow. Right after a stroke is the best time to retrain or rewire the brain. The longer the time after the harder it gets, but recent research shows that brain cells can be renewed and new synapse developed.

Can you create new brain cells?

Well they don't grow back like blood cells do if that's what you mean buy "create".

How many brain cells does drugs kill?

thousands each puff or inhale, and they dont grow back.

Can brain cells grow back?

The sad truth is that they cannot! You can lose them from head collisions, as you age, and various drugs.

How do you grow brain cells?

Dont do DRUGS lol

Do brain cells grow?

yes but they cannot be replaced

Do your brain cells grow back?

While some stem cells have been found to become nerve cells in the spinal cord, there has been no evidence that these cells can be found in the brain. In effect, no nerve cells grow back, though some may be replaced. However, the brain has been found to be less "hard-wired" and more "plastic" in nature than thought years ago. This means that stroke patients may undergo successful rehabilitation by the retraining of other parts of the brain to assume control of activities lost in the original damaged portions.

Can stress and anxiety grow new brain cells?


Can you grow more brain cells?

Can cells grow in your body?

Yes, [animal] cells can grow in your body. In fact, they are growing and reproducing all the time.Different types of cells can range from:Bone cellsStomach cellsBrain cellsSkin cellsMuscle cellsIf you are wondering if plant cells can grow inside your body, they cannot. Only animal cells are made to grow inside your body. The cells that grow in your body are specialized animal cells.

What happens when you kill to many brain cells?

Nothing you grow braincells throughout your life. Brain cells, particularly the neuron cells in the brain can hardly be repaired in an adult. So if such cells are damaged or killed, the particular function carried out by those cells is affected permamnently or till a new circut for that function is created in the brain.