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umm i don't know of any car that has a manual fan switch the only reason someone would put one in is if the fan didn't come on by itself

AnswerI think those cars like any other camaro that has an electric fan has to turn on by it self. When the car warms up the fan should turn on by it self so the car don't over heat. If the switch looks out of place or not from there well quess what its not from there. I had a camaro that to turn on the fan I always had to have the AC on... go figure.... But it was wrong someone rig it like that they had some problems with the fan not wanting to turn on so to go around the problem many people just put a switch inside but its no big deal. So the awnser is NO your car shouldn't have a switch. "Is it a problem no the car will be fine no big deal as long as you turn it on every time!"
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Q: Do all 1989 Camaros have a fan switch in the car that has to be turned on and off every time you drive and if so why?
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