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If this happens to be one of the new plastic cams, Briggs did have problems with them, they had many service updates out on this problem. Most of the Briggs engines do have a 2 year warranty on them, so if this is within the 2 year mark yell warranty. You can also do whats called a disputed warranty, where as a customer can take a engine to a authorized Briggs & Stratton dealer and try for warranty, if the dealer says its not within the warranty period,or they dont feel it is warranty, contact Briggs & Stratton in Milwaukee Wisconsin. If a item on a Briggs engine fails not due to customer abuse, Brigss will pay for it, regardless of age. I once warrantied a crankshaft, which is very hard to do, only the factory can approve a crankshaft warranty, it was 16 years old..but upon inspection, they found they was At Fault, and they paid it, no problem. If it is paid as a disputed warranty though, the customer is responsible for the labor charges. Your engine has metal cam lobes. The tappet is hardened so the cam lobe should not wear prematurely. If you have abnormal wear to the cam, it is possible the tappet was not properly hardened. The other possibility is abrasives in the oil, but typically the whole engine would wear out.

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2009-01-19 17:59:59
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Q: Do all Intec Briggs and Stratton engines wear out the camshaft lobe within 2 years?
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