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No, they all don't act angry, but they certainly don't think like women, nor do women think like men. EXAMPLE: You both are out at a party and someone is extremely rude to both of you. Your boyfriend/husband usually will get a little angry inside, but walks off and has a beer with one of his friends, while you would sit there seething and feel really angry for a long while over this type of situation and still be yakking about it the car going home. Men can bury their feelings quicker than a grizzly on a feeding frenzy. What I ended up doing with my husband was starting a habit of when he comes home we sit down for an hour together. I make tea or Hot Chocolate (or he may have a wine) and we relax and ask about each others day and if there are any problems then we discuss them and try to help each other as best we can. Everyone has a busy schedule, so that hour is super important to us. If a friend phones during that hour my husband or I will tell them we'll call them back later and we do. Everyone should take at least an hour out of their lives in order to touch each other (even a kiss or sitting on his knee) or, discussing your day. If you are just a young married couple this sort of thing will take a couple of years to get down pat. Men usually hate confrontations with a woman and they aren't into small talk. Here are a few tips when talking to him: Get to the point Don't whine Don't accuse him of anything right away Don't yell or scream, but talk in a firm and steady voice Choose your words carefully because you can hurt someone so easily when you let your tongue control your thoughts. Don't let him turn his back on you. If he gets angry or starts to leave, tell him firmly that if he walks out that door and isn't mature enough to discuss your relationship then he can keep going. MEAN IT! I find if someone won't talk about their relationship then it's because they aren't happy, don't have the smarts to discuss it and make a decision to stay together or leave each other or they could be up to no good. Instead of letting him over power you just lay it on the line and tell him he either sits down with you and discusses your relationship or he can hit the bricks! If he won't communicate with you about something this important, then you don't want to be stuck with him the rest of your life. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Do all men react angrily or dismissively when you ask to talk about your relationship?
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What do you do when a your boyfriend who no one knows about doesnt talk to you can you ask out another guy?

It depends on what kind of relationship you had and how he would react and if you and him will ever talk again.

How do you react to a person that doesn't want to let go of a relationship that no longer exits?

you have to take he or she out and have a great time and let him or her talk to some guys or girls.

What should I do if my girlfriend is being mean to me?

It sounds like your relationship is not healthy. Break up and find a better relationship.

What to talk about when your in a relationship?

You can talk about anything when you are in a relationship. You should be open and honest with the other person and let them know whats on your mind.

How does fear affect communication in a relationship?

Fear affects communication greatly in a relationship. If you are constantly afraid of how your partner or friends will react it keeps you from stating your opinions and sharing what could be valuable information. Without communication you can hardly call it a relationship. On the opposite side, if you constantly strike fear into your partner they could be afraid to talk to you which will keep you from really knowing them and maturing the relationship.

What should you talk about with your bf?

Your relationship.

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How can you manage a long distance relationship?

I'm in a long distance relationship and honestly, its tough but you just gotta talk. My boyfriend and I talk alot, and i love it. So talk often and hope i helped(:

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Why he does not want to discuss problems in your relationship?

believe it or not some times guys are scared to talk about your relationship, but that's when you got to step it up and talk to hi. :)

I told my guy friend I liked him He wont talk to me anymore did I ruin our relationship We had a fight Last year solved it Didnt talk 4 2 months then I did that?

Sometimes it is hard for a guy to know how to react to being told someone likes him- give him some time but don't avoid him.

What if a guy says his relationship is a situation what does this mean?

It either means that he is in a relationship and the other girl doesn't know he is cheating and he doesn't want to talk about it or that his relationship is complicated and he doesn't want to talk about it. It is not a great situation for you to be in.

How do you tak care the relationship?

Talk to the other person. Ask them what they feel is wrong with the relationship. Confront them on how you truly feel about it. Then tell them you want to talk to them, and fix things.

Topics to talk about your boyfriend?

it really depends on how far in the relationship it is. If its a new relationship then it can be a little difficult to find things to talk about, but sports and movies are good topics. If it is a closer relationship then future goals are a good conversation starter.

How do you fix my relationship?

Answer First, you have to determine what is wrong in the relationship and then take it from there. Talk to the person that you are in the relationship with and try to work things out.

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What you need to bring up relationship?

The most healthy thing you can have in a relationship is trust. To bring up a relationship especially when you notice it, is to sit down and have a long talk about what the problem is. If you never talk about it and keep avoiding the problem, it will never get better.

What is the best pair that expresses a relationship or commonality?

You Talk!

What is meant by social relationship?

You talk about life, and how things are!!

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That depends on what you mean by "talk" It's OK to be in a age-gap relationship, but you can't legally have a sexual relationship until he/she's 16.

When do you know call someone your boyfriend?

When you have both agreed you are in a relationship. Perhaps talk to him about your current relationship status.

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What do you talk about with your boyfriend?

i would probably talk about funny shows or talk about our relationship or mabe even kiss a lil but dont over do it with the talking let him talk about his self then u talk about yourself.

What can you do to have a stronger relationship with your crush?

Talk to him/her a lot, hang out with him/her, you could talk to him/her one on one, and listen to what he/she has to say.

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