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Asked by Antonette Beatty
Animal Behavior
Accents and Dialects

Do animals have accents?


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Viva Schroeder
December 12, 2019 5:36PM

Yes, some animals do vocalize differently based on where they’re from. Scientists believe this is related to forming a group identity.

Some cool examples of this phenomenon:

  • Caribbean sperm whales use a pattern of sounds no other group of whales uses, and pilot whales’ noises differ more between groups than within them.
  • In one study, bats raised in a lab with their mothers were exposed to a different subset of bat vocalizations through speakers. Instead of just imitating their mothers, the baby bats developed an “accent” more similar to the sounds they heard on the speakers.
  • Although they have a pretty limited set of bleats, goats have been shown to modify their calls based on their social surroundings.

So yeah, animal communications can develop regional differences just like human speech.

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El Bond
December 21, 2019 12:05AM
In the movies when animals come from other lands, yes. Ze Poodle for example likes to speak french.
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George Truman
January 03, 2020 8:16AM
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January 02, 2020 9:38AM
Yes they do have accents
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Laura Sterner
January 05, 2020 6:05PM
some do vocalise diffrently according to where there from...Some bats squeak more american or austrialian or like my parrot who has a funny rusian accents many more espacialy birds like songbirds. Parrots learn accents quiker than other animals
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baylee cruch
January 03, 2020 7:26PM
ye s
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baylee cruch
January 03, 2020 7:25PM
what is a accents
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Mayank Ranjan
December 21, 2019 8:23AM
We already divide Humans inorder of Caste, Creed, Color and Language. Now, You Wants to divide all creatures based on their place of living , their accents?? Wow,, MAN
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Declan Higgins
January 03, 2020 7:13PM
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Kd Grayson
December 21, 2019 9:57AM
Yes I had pets from NY , back east , down south, Mexico and Russia, they all had dialects for their area, they were verbally abusive.