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Anorexics tend to drink a great deal of water, as it is effective at staving off hunger.

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Q: Do anorexics drink water
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Why do anorexics drink so much water?

they cant retain food so they drink water in its place

When your anorexic can you drink Diet Coke?

Anorexics can eat or drink almost anything, but can also become ill.

Do anorexics drink coffee?

Yes, im anorexic & all i drink is water & black coffee. Its calorie free & it gives you that energy that you dont get from food. If you drink flavored coffee, theres tons of calories in there so i stick with black.

Why do anorexics drink diet soda?

Diet soda has little to no calories (depending on the brand or type). Anorexics do not want calories. Soda, even diet soda, will have more tastes than, say, water, so it will also provide that. Soda can also provide energy (caffeine), be filling as a drink, and (if they were also bulimic)the carbonation makes it easier to also throw up later. All of this comes with little or no calories, so anorexics think this is best.

How much food do anorexia people eat in a day?

Answer. Anorexics eat the bare minimunm they can. One diet says ' eat 1 slice of buttered bread and drink pints of water' after four days of this diet you will be able to see your ribs. Some anorexics dont eat. They live on liquids like water and drink low fat drinks and sometimes are known to drink orange juice from cotton buds. Hope this helps =D (i know the diet of bread and water coz i did that diet and im still recovering =[)

Do anorexics drink anything?

More likely than not, yes. Your body needs water far more than it needs food, though it still needs both to survive and be healthy. Drinking in the sense of alcohol - probably not because most forms of alcohol are high in calories. Most anorexics will stick with water. Some might have diet sodas and such, others might have a flavored or carbonated water. Almost all will drink something that is low-cal with little to no sugars in it, though.

Can Anorexia turn into bulimia?

There are two types of anorexics: restricting anorexics, and binge eating and purging anorexics. The restricting anorexics obviously are the ones who are picky eaters and mainly starve themselves (fast). The anorexics that binge eat and then purge are also bulimic and more than half of anorexics sometimes turn to bulimia as well.

Who diagnoses anorexics?

Most anorexics are diagnosed by pediatricians or family practitioners

What food can anorexia eat?

Most anorexics don't eat anything, but some eat ice, (to releave hunger pains) drink soda (usally diet) or carbonated water and chew gum and others purge(bulimia)

Why do anorexics bloat?

Anorexics may bloat because they tend to live off of water and coffee, but they also might eat a candy bar or something else during the day to keep their energy up.

How many calories do anorexics consume?

Most anorexics consume 600-800 calories a day.

Are anorexics in denial?

Most anorexics deny that they are ill and are usually brought to treatment by a family member

How quickly do anorexics lose weight if there healthy?

Anorexics are never healthy, you need food to be healthy.

How does anorexia affect lack of energy?

Because anorexics restrict their food intake, they are under their daily calorie needs. The body uses the calories in food and drink to convert into energy. Without this food, as well as nutritional deficiencies like low iron, anorexics often have low energy.

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Do anorexics have cellulite?

Yes, it is possible. Not all anorexics are underweight, and cellulite can appear on "thin" people. Cellulite is in realtion to the distribution of fat, not the amount of fat present, so it is possible for anorexics to have cellulite.

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