Do any of the WikiAnswers contributors get paid?

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2009-12-31 12:24:45

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No. All WikiAnswers contributors answer questions just for the fun of it, not for profit. Community Assistants, who are employees, are paid.

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2009-12-31 12:24:45
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Q: Do any of the WikiAnswers contributors get paid?
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Can you get paid on WikiAnswers?

Regular contributors don't get paid.

Do WikiAnswers Supervisors get paid?

No, they are regular contributors who do this as a hobby. Community Assistants' (CA's) work in the WikiAnswers office and they do. It's their job.

Do you think you are so smart that you can answer any questions?

Not us, You! It is the contributors of WikiAnswers who are so smart and yes, our contributors can indeed answer any question.

Do people answer these questions for their job?

All the contributors on WikiAnswers answer questions voluntarily. No one is paid to answer our questions. employees are not paid to answer questions, either. They answer questions as volunteers just as any other contributor would.

How do WikiAnswers contributors know so much?

The WikiAnswers contributors know so much because they learned that much in school and from WikiAnswers.

Is WikiAnswers hiring 13 year olds?

WikiAnswers has thousands of contributors (volunteers) who are 13 years old. However, they are not being paid for their contributions, as they are volunteers on the site. WikiAnswers is not hiring 13 year olds to work on the site to be paid at this time.

Who are the major contributors on WikiAnswers?

The major WikiAnswers contributors can be seen through the 'Top Contributors' list. To see the Top Contributors list, simply go to the WikiAnswers home page, scroll to the bottom, and click the 'View Top Contributors' link. There is where you see the top 100 contributors of all time, the top 50 answerers, and top 50 editors on WikiAnswers.

Does WikiAnswers give any good answers?

Yes, but it wholly depends on the contributors and the categories.

What does WikiAnswers like?

Good contributors.

Where can you see the list of Top Contributors for a specific category or subcategory on WikiAnswers?

You can find a list of the top contributors for any category or type of edit on the WikiAnswers leaderboards. To get to the leaderboards, click on the trophy icon at the top of this webpage. That will take you to a page where you can view the top contributors for any category this month, or all-time.

Are awards given for monthly top contributors?

No, there are no awards given to monthly top contributors on WikiAnswers. But prizes are given during WikiAnswers contests like the WikiAnswers AnswerThon.

How many bronze contributors are there on WikiAnswers?


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