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The WikiAnswers contributors know so much because they learned that much in school and from WikiAnswers.

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Q: How do WikiAnswers contributors know so much?
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How did get so much information?

WikiAnswers has so much information because the people who contribute to WikiAnswers know a lot, and the more contributors know, the more information WikiAnswers will have.

Does WikiAnswers really know all the answers?

No. WikiAnswers does not know all the answers. The WikiAnswers website only knows as much as the contributors that give the answers and the contributors only know so much since, as humans beings, we all still have questions about many different things that we can't find the answer to.But that doesn't mean the contributors on WikiAnswers don't have a great amount of knowledge to be shared.

Do you think you are so smart that you can answer any questions?

Not us, You! It is the contributors of WikiAnswers who are so smart and yes, our contributors can indeed answer any question.

Why does WikiAnswers answer so slow?

There are a lot of questions to be answered and only so many contributors.

Who are the best contributors to WikiAnswers?

Since everyone will have their own opinion I think it would be best if everyone said who they think is the best contributor to WikiAnswers. Then we will have a big list of contributors that have serve WikiAnswers. Here is the list so far. Stupid Little Genius

Why does it take Wikianswers so long to answer questions?

You have to remember that WikiAnswers gets the answers to your questions through contributors, like yourself. So it depends really on when the contributors are on, and who sees your question. If there are plenty of people who know the answer the more likely it would be answered more quickly. Like if it is a not much asked question that probably not many people know off hand, it can take time for a contributor to research the question the find the answer. But it also depends what time of day it is for a contributor.

How do you get contributors?

People find Wikianswers and some like it a lot, so they decide to become a member.

Why is this site so bad?

WikiAnswers isn't a bad site. It just has its good contributors and bad

Who will win the next World Cup?

WikiAnswers contributors can answer questions, but not tell the future, so this question cannot be answered.

Do you love me WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers isn't a person capable of feelings or emotions. In fact, it isn't a person at all. It is contributors that work on the WikiAnswers website that give the answers to asked questions and not someone named WikiAnswers. So the obvious answer to that question would be no, WikiAnswers can not and does not love you.

Why is WikiAnswers so against tobacco?

WikiAnswers is not against tobacco. Its contributors may be. If you think an answer is not answering a question about tobacco or is hateful towards tobacco users, please report it to a Supervisor.

Does WikiAnswers answer all of your questions?

WikiAnswers does not necessarily provide answers to all questions submitted. WikiAnswers questions are answered mainly by contributors from the community, so the number of questions answered relies greatly on the users of WikiAnswers, and the amount that they are able and prepared to contribute.

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