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Since everyone will have their own opinion I think it would be best if everyone said who they think is the best contributor to WikiAnswers. Then we will have a big list of contributors that have serve WikiAnswers. Here is the list so far. Stupid Little Genius

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โˆ™ 2009-05-03 17:54:15
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Q: Who are the best contributors to WikiAnswers?
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How do WikiAnswers contributors know so much?

The WikiAnswers contributors know so much because they learned that much in school and from WikiAnswers.

Who are the major contributors on WikiAnswers?

The major WikiAnswers contributors can be seen through the 'Top Contributors' list. To see the Top Contributors list, simply go to the WikiAnswers home page, scroll to the bottom, and click the 'View Top Contributors' link. There is where you see the top 100 contributors of all time, the top 50 answerers, and top 50 editors on WikiAnswers.

What does WikiAnswers like?

Good contributors.

Are awards given for monthly top contributors?

No, there are no awards given to monthly top contributors on WikiAnswers. But prizes are given during WikiAnswers contests like the WikiAnswers AnswerThon.

Do any of the WikiAnswers contributors get paid?

No. All WikiAnswers contributors answer questions just for the fun of it, not for profit. Community Assistants, who are employees, are paid.

How many bronze contributors are there on WikiAnswers?


Has WikiAnswers ever lied?

Wikianswers NEVER lied, but only the contributors sometimes do.

What happens when contributors use profanity on WikiAnswers?

Profanity Is Not ToleratedProfanity is not tolerated on the site. Contributors who use profanity can expect to have their account suspended by the WikiAnswers supervisors.

Can you get paid on WikiAnswers?

Regular contributors don't get paid.

Who is Wayoffline81?

He is one of the most dedicated contributors on WikiAnswers.

What do you win if your the first for the contributors of the month on wikianswers?


Who is answering the answers in wikianswers?

You, me - and thousands of other contributors !

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