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Sadly yes. The Nazi death camps have all been closed, but wherever there is a war being fought, you can pretty much rest assured that there is quite a lot of killing going on, even when those being killed are unarmed. Prisoner of war camps especially can quickly turn into death camps. But especially in racially/ethnically motivated wars there is a high chance of one group trying to exterminate the other and many people will employ very organized and sophisticated tactics to achieve this goal. Examples are the death camps of Po Pot in Cambodia, of the NVA during the Vietnam War, and one could argue that Rwanda became just one huge death camp during the Hutu massacre of the Tutsis. Not to mention any number of political camps run by dictators and tyrants all over the world that we have no idea about. Myanamr (Burma), for example, has one of the vilest dictatorships on the face of the earth.


The answer is off topic. The Nazi death camps have been destroyed or, in a few cases, turned into museums.

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Q: Do any of the holocaust death camps still exist?
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Is there any Nazi death camps that still exist?

Yes but they are not in use.

Are there still concentration camps from the Holocaust?

Some of the camps, such as Dachau and Auschwitz, are now museums.

What are the names of the death camps associated with the Holocaust?

Auschwitz was a major concentration camp during the Holocaust. My grandmother survived from Auschwitz and is still living today. Please also see related question.

Are any people in the Holocaust still alive?

There are still people alive that were in the holocaust if you go on and then you can watch testimonials on people that were in concentration camps.

How many holocaust survivors from the death camps are still alive?

Very few Holocaust survivors from the extermination concentration camps are still alive. Most of the survivors were males. And as no children below the age of 12 survived the camps, all survivors must have been born earlier than 1932. This would make the very youngest of them, 84 years old, as of 2015.

Is their any evidence to support the Holocaust?

Pictures taken of the camps by the Nazi's, pictures taken by the Allies when they found the camps, ashes of the bodies, the camps themselves still exist and you can visit them, survivor stories and accounts, Allied reports, first hand accounts by people, the fact that 6 million people were murdered.

How long did they keep the holocaust in the camps if they didnt kill them?

If they werent killed by gassing, shooting or death marchers or beaten then they would work to death and a average life of a jew working at a camp is about a month but some did last through the whole holocaust and still survived with injures like broken or exausted bones

Where were the Jewish people placed during World War 2?

Concentration Camps and Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps. Many thousands of Jews were put to death in the camps - but be clear: this happened only in countries overrun by the Nazis, and is known as the Holocaust which, unbelievably, there are still people who deny that it ever happened.

What ois a prison called in the holocaust?

Prisons were still prisons, the penal system was still intact, concentration camps were just an addition.

Where does the black death still exist?

Black death still exist amongst the wild rats. That is a plague disease, which is endemic in rats.

What significant proof is there that the Holocaust did NOT happen?

The Holocaust DID happen- and there's no way you can possibly say it didn't. The concentration camps are still there as memorials. There are people who were THERE in the camps that are still alive today, and there's no way to fake the Holocaust pictures. --- The arguments produced by Holocaust deniers consist largely of picking over the accounts of survivors for trivial discepancies. Others are downright dishonest and fake counter evidence.

Where were the Jews made to live during the holocaust?

They were made to stay in concentration camps, also known as death camps where they were forced to do gruelling work but were gassed after they were completely fatigued. The most famous concentration camp, which is still open as to comemerate these brave people is called Auschwitz.

What were the death trains in the Holocaust?

These were the trains that transported prisoners to the concentration camps in Europe during WW2. they were severely overcrowded freight cars and many died as a result of the trip to the camps in them. It is hard to believe that after the documentation available on these conditions people are still being treated this way today.

Does the death penalty still exist?


What was total number of camps during holocaust?

During the Holocaust, there has been in total of roughly 1,500 Concentration Camps. However between 1933-1935, there were many what was called "Wild Camps" and most only lasted for a few months before being closed or discontinued. From 1935, Most Camps which still existed by then becomes Concentration Camps to hold Political Opponents, regular Criminals and the Jews.

How did concentration camps affect today's world?

The Holocaust is still going on so the people of today didn't change much about the Holocaust it is still happening all around us, but it still changed some things. The fact that it mostly have stopped it still is going on in Iraq.

What was Selection of the holocaust?

It was either life or death no matter the difference they still died

Do death camp still exist?

in russia and Mexico

What happened to the concentration camps at the end of the holocaust?

These concentration camps were ended after Hitler committed suicide and when the war ended. These people were all released that were still there. These concentration camps were ended after Hitler committed suicide and when the war ended. These people were all released that were still there. These concentration camps were ended after Hitler committed suicide and when the war ended. These people were all released that were still there.

How many concentration camps still exist as museums?

Parts of these camps are now museums:AuschwitzMajdanekDachauBuchenwaldBreendonckThere may be others, too.

Does the Holocaust Art Restitution Project still exist and if so what is the URL of their website?

Which country's Project are you thinking of?

Do fat camps for adults still exist?

Yes there are many camps for overweight adults out there, although most are referred to as weight loss camps. Some are even like a luxury vacation to lose weight.

Are there still death camps?

As far as I know, there are no Nazi-style extermination camps carrying out mass shooting and/or gassings. BUt the Muslims still practice things like slavery and things like that also.

How did Jews escape death camps during the Holocaust?

Many diffrent ways, but the one i know is this:i heard the story of a woman who escaped by digging a hole very slowly with a plate and scattering the dirt. She still has the plate until today.hope that helps

How many people were alive at the end of the Holocaust?

There are various definitions of Holocaust survivor. On the most stringent definition, about 150,000 survived. This means Jews who were in real danger and/or in camps and/or in hiding and still alive on 8 May 1945.