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Do automobile dealers still sell Pontiac cars?


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To answer the question above, yes, Automotive Dealers still sell Pontiac made cars. They have the 2012 Firebird, along with the G6 and many others available.


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Dodge dealers still offer the 2005 Dodge Ram cars. Most Ford dealers also offer the 2005 Dodge Ram cars. Most dealers stopped selling the car in last couple of years.

The Pontiac brand was a division of General Motors. The brand was discontinued in 2009 due to financial woes, with all of the Pontiac dealers closing by 2010.

Gradon Mechtel has written: 'General Motors A-cars automotive repair manual' -- subject- s -: Handbooks, manuals, Maintenance and repair, General Motors A-cars, Buick Century automobile, Pontiac 6000 automobile, Celebrity automobile, Cutlass automobile, Ciera automobile

Pontiac cars, which were a division under General Motors, built their last vehicles in 2009/2010. After this time the franchise agreements with dealers expired in October of 2010.

All the automobile manufacturers did and still do.

Most cars now are unitized constuction and only have engine cradles.But these and full frames can be purchased at used auto parts dealers or new from new car dealers.

Dealers can actually sell the car at cost and still make a profit. They get a kickback from the manufacture based on the number of cars sold in a year.Dealers can actually sell the car at cost and still make a profit. They get a kickback from the manufacture based on the number of cars sold in a year.

They called it quits in 2010.

The Pontiac brand was discontinued in 2010. Therefore, one cannot purchase the cars new. However, the Pontiac website has a great tool for locating dealers who are selling used Pontiacs.

Pontiac classic cars are more usually found from classic car dealers. Occasionally one can find them through looking in Autotrader or on eBay Motors, but care should be taken when buying a car through an unknown dealer.

Yes, it is still possible to purchase low mileage Pontiac Aztec cars. However, the mileage may not be as low as you may wish for it to be (some are around 90,000 miles).

Used Holden Torana cars can be purchased from used car dealers. Some dealers who sell these cars are Drive and Carpoint. These dealers are located in Australia.

Yes it does, although not the top rated company in the US, Dodge still manufactures cars. Chrysler is the company that produces Dodge vehicles.

Acura dealers sell Honda cars, usually sedans or coups. Acura is a subset of Honda cars, meaning whatever the dealers are selling would also be an Acura.

Find used cars and new cars for sale at With millions of cars, finding your next new car or used car and the car reviews and information you're .Bill Dohring, a lobbyist for the Independent Automobile Dealers Assn. of California, whose membership of used car dealers includes Buy Here Pay Here lots.

Pontiac cars are no longer built anywhere, GM discontinued the line.

A 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt can be purchased in Winnipeg at any automobile dealer who sells used cars. Some of these automobile dealers are Auto World, Tom Clark Chevy, and US Auto Mart.

Pontiac cars has a pretty good reputation. They are known to be sturdy and reliable cars as long as it is well maintained.

Sometimes a dealer will still have unused cars from previous years, but a person generally will have to inquire from each dealer individually.

Most classic cars are not available for purchase from typical local dealers. However, you can find them by finding a dealer that specializes in classic cars

There are no "tire laws" for used car dealers.

Many dealers online sell cheap cars. The best thing to do is to look for dealers in the area you live and find them online and see if they sell online.

There are many different automobile companies that offer a "G6" model of car. One of the most popular manufacturer's of a "G6" includes Pontiac. One can easily purchase their G6 model at their local Pontiac car dealership.

well there is truck and cars and clown cars there is alot of them.

Not necessarily. Many Pontiac dealerships are teamed up with other large brand names. Some of these brands may include Buick and GMC. So even though the range of cars that can be serviced at a Pontiac dealership is small, it is not solely restricted to the Pontiac make of car. You can also try giving your local Pontiac dealer a call and see what their specifications are on this subject.

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