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Do betta fish fight if they know each other?

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They are instinctively fighting over territory and breeding rights, only one male will dominate.

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Do the kids fight each other the betta fish?


How do betta fish fight?

Betta fish usually don't fight THAT aggressively. They open their crests and bite each other a bit.At the sight of each other (both male fish) they bring our the fins on both sides of their head and just attack each other as fish do.

Do betta fish fight with each other?

yes, male bettas fight each other to defend their territory and fight for a female betta some times a female will fight a male but its usually very rare

What fish exactly can you put in the same tank as a betta fish?

anyother fish, they only fight with each other

What other fish will not fight will a Betta in the same tank?

Male Betta splendens fight with other male Betta splendens so the answer is most other fish will not fight with a Betta in the same tank. To try to list every species of fish here would be impossible.

Are female betta fish better than male betta fish?

Female beta fish are better in this way, they don't fight, allowing you to put them in a tank with each other as well other fish!

DO you fight a lot?

Betta Fish do fight that is why they need to be put in separate bowls or else they will kill each other.

Do male Betta fish fight with each other?

Yes male Betta fish will fight each other because they are very dominant fish, Betta's are also called Siamese fighting fish because if you put a male Betta fish in a tank with another Betta they will fight sometimes even a male and a female Betta will fight one another unless they are mating but once there babies have hatched the male will eat them unless he is moved and then he will fight the female. Betta's used to be used for entertainment as well people would raise there fish and then put them in fighting contests for money and human satisfaction.

How do you stop a girl betta fish from eating a male betta fish?

You don't. Those fish are bred and born to fight each other. Keep them in seperate tanks. Sorry :(

Will betta fish eat each other?

yes they will eat other fish Betta fish is the most meanest fish alive.. NEVER put other fish in with betta fish it just depends what kind of fish and Never put two females or two males together they will fight and that will kill eatch other

What to do when your fish fights when your other fish is eating?

Take the Betta out as soon as possible.I have a Betta in my tank with other fish,but he doesnt fight with my fish at all.

Why your betta fish run when facing other betta fish?

The Betta fish runs away when facing another Betta because its the first time facing another one. Or its just scared of it and doesn't want to fight since its not use to it and its a FIGHTING fish. But once its use to it the other Betta they well start getting up close to each other face to face and start ripping out each others fins out and basically trying to kill each other chasing each other around.

How do betta fish kill other fish?

A male Betta will only fight with another male betta. They will not fight with any other species of fish. They damage one another by colliding (head butting) and biting/ripping.

Does it effect Betta fish if they fight?

yes but only if yours is very hurt by the other betta fish.

Can a betta fish survive with another betta fish?

No, betta fish will fight to the death. Some mate then fight to the death.

Can you put other breeds of fish with betta?

no they will fight

Do betta fish fight with other breeds of fish?

No. Male Bettas only fight with other male Bettas.

Will a female betta fish kill other female betta fish?

Np, but they will bite. Yes, they will fight to the death.

Will your male betta fish eat your other fish or bite it?

a male Betta will usually like the company of other fish but will fight or kill others of their kind also they might fight guppies cause they look similar to a female Betta.

Can a male betta fish be living in the same fish tank with a female betta fish?

No. Betta fish will attack each other no matter the sex.

Can betta fish be with other fish?

Yes. It is only male Bettas that will fight and then they will only fight other male Bettas.Betta Fish can only be with some fish. Two male betta fish cannot be with each other. A lot of the time other fish can't be with betta fish. DO NOT put fin nippers ( like tiger barbs) with bettas because they with bite at their long tail. You can put two females together but they have to be in a at least 10 gallon tank with lots of hiding places.Mostly, betta fish are aggressive and will eat smaller fish.I hope I helped!

Can a betta fish be in same tank as a dragon fish?

Betta fish can live with any other fish that are peaceful and do not have long, flowing fins as this could make the betta fish jealous and start a fight.

Is a fighter fish fight a lot?

If you refer to a Siamese fighting fish (betta), they are territorial toward each other. They will most likely fight each other if there are more than just one in the same tank. It must be avoided.

What if your betta fish get in a fight?

Betta fish get in fights with fish with colorful fins and bodies. If your betta gets in a fight while your away,the weaker fish may die. But if you see your betta fight with another fish you should try to split the two fish apart [or all the fish that are fighting].

What all fish do betta fish fight with?

Betta fish fight will all fish. Even their own kind. If a betta has babies there is a good chance that they will eat the younglings. Betta babies are not born in the egg. They come right out as very small fish. Do NOT mix betta with betta or any fish.