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Betta fish do not enjoy currents that come from filters. You could put in a filter but I would recommend not to. Also, Heaters are unnecessary as long as you keep the water 70-80 degrees.

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Q: Do betta fish need filters or heaters?
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Do betta fish need heaters you heard they do but you have had one for almost 6 months with out a heater and it's fine?


Will a betta fish die if the water in the tank is not filtrated?

Betta are airbreathers. So long as the ammonia and nitrates are okay, you don't need filters on a Betta tank.

What kind of fresh water fish don't need a heater other than goldf fish?

It is best that all fish have a filter besides Betta fish. Betta fish don't need filters cause the filter pushes them over with their big fins. Goldfish should have a filter on there tank because they are often overfed. If you have a filter you won't have to change the water as often. The only fish that shouldn't have a filer in captivity are Betta fish.

Can you put a betta fish in a vase?

Can you? Yes. Should you? No. They're tropical fish that need heaters (between 78 and 82 degrees F) and gentle filters to be healthy, and in too small of a tank, ammonia will build up and burn them. And as surface breathers, having only a small opening at the top can cause problems, if it were blocked, they could suffocate.

Why do female betta fish need a male betta fish to give birth?


What type of fish need heaters?

Tropical fish.

Does a parrot fish need a heater?

Blood parrots are tropical fish, yes they do need heaters.

How many gallons does a Betta fish need?


What is the best home for a betta fish?

well you first need at least a one gallon fish bowl and fish gravel and plants and stuff for them to hide in. fish food, and give them every once in a wile betta fish treats for fat.

What kind of fish doesn't need an oxygen tank?


Do you need to have a boy and a girl Betta fish to have eggs?


Do all fish need heaters?

No. Depending upon the climate you live in, tropical fish may need heaters if you live in a cool place and if you live in a warm place cold water fish may need coolers. Each species has its own requirements.