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Do birth control pills help prevent AIDS?

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No, Birth Control pills can not protect you from AIDS. The only protection is to use a condom, every time, or not have sex at all. strictly speaking you are not infected by AIDS. The infection is HIV which may or may not develop into AIDS in the future. there are people who have been living with HIV for 20 years or more who have not (yet) developed AIDS.

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If you were taking penicillin on the last week of your pills and now you're on your period could you have sex when your period is over with no risk of getting pregnant?

There is ALWAYS a risk - no form of birth control is 100% effective. If you do not want to get pregnant always use a condom in addition to your regular method of birth control (pills) not only will this be added protection but will help prevent the transmission of STD's and HIV/Aids.

If I had intercourse on a day that I missed my pill and I am ovulating but remembered to take two pills the next day can I become pregnant?

No birth control is 100% effective so if you have unprotected sex there is always a chance of pregnancy as well as getting an STD or HIV/AIDS. If you do not want to get pregnant ALWAYS use a condom in addition to your birth control pill to help prevent pregnancy as well as the transmission of STD and HIV/AIDS.

Where can you get birth control pills?

It is very important to see a health care provider for a history and brief physical for a proper prescription and to get all the facts concerning the birth control pill - it is very important. The current standard of care is to "de-link" the pap smear and birth control pills; ACOG and other experts no longer recommend that this full gynecological exam be required for a birth control prescription. However, it's important to get appropriate screening tests, and your health care provider will talk about those.Also, in addition to your birth control as any birth control it is not 100% effective you must always use a condom as well - not only will this be added protection against pregnancy but will also help prevent the transmission of STD's and HIV/AIDS.Birth control pills can only be prescribed by a physician, condoms can be purchased at places such as Walmart though.

What is birth control cap?

A birth control cap is a soft rubber cap that aids in birth control. The cap is placed inside of a woman and while having intercourse, it aids in keeping sperm away from the uterus.

What does birth control not protect you from?

Birth control will not protect you from STD's, AIDS included. It isn't even perfect with contraception.

Does the sponge protect against pregnancy?

It is as any other type of birth control - not 100% effective and does not protect against STD's or HIV/AIDS. It is always best to ALWAYS use a condom in addition to your regular or another form of birth control as to help prevent pregnancy as well as protect against STD's or HIV/AIDS.

What are the 5 advancement of study of biology?

aids birth control and DNA testing.

Can you get pregnant from the male wearing protection?

There is always a chance as no form of birth control is 100% effective - accept for absinence of course. If you do not want to get pregnant use a regular form of birth control such as the pill, IUD, the patch etc. and always, always, use a condom in addition to your regular birth control. Not only will a condom be added protection but it will also help prevent the transmission of STD's and/or HIV/AIDS.

What are the risk factors for candida vulvovaginitis?

previous candida infections, have AIDS , or are diabetic; women who use douches, perfumed feminine hygiene sprays, vaginal sponges, or an IUD; those taking birth control pills, antibiotics, or corticosteroids

Is it possible to get pregnant when missing 2 BC pills on the 14th and 15th day of your pack and having unprotected sex?

YES - birth control is not 100% effective and having unprotected sex of course can cause pregnancy not to mention the possibility of the transmission of STD's and HIV/AIDS!! Always use a condom in addition to your regular method of birth control.

What are the drug interactions associated with taking St. John's wort?

Many problematic interactions with drugs; amphetamines, certain foods, narcotics, decongestants, tryptophan, tyrosine, antidepressants, birth control pills, indinavir, AIDS medications. And more . . .

Do you need to wear condom if your girlfriend use birth control shot?

Depends whether or not you want AIDS

Is it excist medicaments of aids?

There are medications available to treat AIDS. Retroviral medications are used to fight the virus, and other medications are used to control symptoms or treat/prevent opportunistic infections.

How can you prevent getting aids?

You can prevent getting aids by not having sex at all. Or by when having sex using a condom.

How can you prevent the spread of HIVs-AIDS?

HIV and AIDS can be prevented if you if you:Use condomsAbstane

How many pills do a average person with AIDS consume a day?

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How are AIDS and economics related in Africa today?

lack of health care and birth control which leads the aids disease to spread rapidly leaving economies in dept of health care and medication

How To prevent HIV and aIDS?


What can you do to prevent aids?

Don't share needles with drug addicts the might have AIDS

How can you prevent yourself from getting aids?

You get AIDS because you have HIV. So if you avoid HIV you keep from getting AIDS.

What can you do if you have HIV or aids?

There is no medicine for HIV AIDS, but they are medicines that help you prevent it or slow it down:)

What did they believe Ivan suffered from because of the pain pills he took?


Why is it easy to prevent aids than malaria?

because scientist have evidence in which they can predict aids happening rather than aids

Why do you need strong bones?

To prevent aids

Can sneezing prevent a person from getting aids?

No it can not.