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Do both Judaism and Christianity believe in resurrection?

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Yes. In Judaism it is called techiyas hameisim: revival of the dead; and is prophesied in Isaiah and Daniel.

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What beliefs do Judaism and Christianity share?

Both Christianity and Judaism believe in the entire Old Testament.

Why does Judaism differ from Christianity?

Judaism and Christianity both believe in the same god. But Christianity believes Jesus is the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament, and Judaism thinks Jesus wasn't the Messiah.

Compare Islam judaism and christianity?

In a way, they both believe in one god.

What do Islam and Christianity have in common that Judaism doesn't?

Both believe in Heaven and HellBoth believe their religion is the only truthBoth recognize Jesus (though in very different ways)Judaism has none of these beliefs.

Are Judaism and Christianity alike?

Christian Answer:Judaism is a faith that believes that a messiah will be sent by God as written in the Jewish texts.Christians believe that the messiah WAS sent by God, as God promised in the Jewish texts and that the messiah was Jesus Christ.Judaism and Christianity both are monotheistic religionsJudaism and Christianity both acknowledge that Moses was a prophet of GodJudaism and Christianity both read from the "old testaments" of the bibleJudaism and Christianity both hold Jerusalem as the holy cityJewish Answer:No, there is very little similarity between the two faiths. The previous answer shows ignorance about the huge variation of beliefs within Judaism (for example: the majority of Jews do notbelieve a messiah will be sent by God; this belief is only held by the Orthodox and some Conservative Jews, which are a minority within the Jewish population.)Judaism and Christianity both are monotheistic religions, but Jews believe God is a unity, and most Christians believe God is a trinity; Christians also believe in an evil being that opposes God, called Satan.Judaism and Christianity both acknowledge all of the same Hebrew prophetsJudaism and Christianity both read from the Hebrew Bible, but Christians call it "The Old Testament" and only read it in translation, in a different order than it was originally canonized.Judaism and Christianity both hold Jerusalem as the holy city, but for vastly different reasonsAdditional Answer:Christianity was founded in 30 CE and Judaism was founded in 1300 BCE.Christianity was founded by Jesus, Peter, and Paul, and Judaism was founded by Moses and Abraham.The major branches of Christianity are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant, and the major branches of Judaism are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform.And lots of others.

What religion has the basis of Judaism?

Both Christianity & Islam are based on Judaism, especially Christianity.

A religion that has similarities with Christianity and judaism?

There is none, because Judaism and Christianity have very few similarities. Answer Islam has aspects of both Christianity and Judaism in its religious beliefs and actions.

How are judaism and Christianity in the same way?

Both believe in One GodBoth share some of the same scriptures, though in Christianity, the Jewish scriptures are only read using translations.

What does Christianity think about Judaism?

The Old Testament & the Torah are the same Books. Abraham is the Father of both Judaism & Christianity.

Which key theological principle philosophically unites Judaism and Christianity?

Both Judaism and Christianity accept the Old Testament to be the written Word of God; both also accept the belief in monotheism (one God).Answer 2: Abrahamic monotheism

Are Christianity and Judaism the same?

No. They both believe in one God (though they differ on how they understand God), and both believe in the Hebrew Bible. Philosphically and ethically, the two religions are completely different.

Is there a link between Christianity and Islam?

Both Islam and Christianity originated out of Judaism.

Does Islam draw on both Christianity and Judaism?

Yes. According to the Muslim belief, Islam is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity. The Muslims believe in all the Prophets (May peace be upon them all). Islam and Judaism both spring from Hazrat Abraham (AS) and his descendant Prophets. The Jews don't believe Jesus Christ (AS) to be a Prophet but the Muslims believe that he was a true Prophet of Almighty God. The Jews don't believe in the last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) but the Muslims believe in all the Prophets the Jews believe in.

How do Christianity and Judaism relate and contrast in their images of God?

Both Christianity & Judaism worship the God Of Abraham. The difference in their view of Him is that Christianity believes that God Is Triune: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jews do not believe in the Trinity. They hold that Jesus was a regular human being.

What religious belief most influenced both Christianity and Islam?

AnswerCertainly, Judaism influenced both Christianity and Islam - they have their roots in Judaism. Some say that Zoroastrianism also had a considerable influence on both religions, both directly and indirectly, through its influence on Judaism.

How are Christianity and Islam related?

Both religions come from Judaism, but the Muslims believe that Jesus isn't the Messiah, they believe he is a prophet, Chistians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that Muhamad is a false prophet.

Which religion is the historical foundation for Christianity and Islam?

Christianity and Islam both originated from Judaism.

The beliefs of Judaism helped to shape What are the two religions that came from Judaism?

Both Christianity and Islam have their roots in Judaism. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all see Adam and Abraham as the fathers of their faiths.

What common principles do Christianity Judaism and Islam have?

The followers of the three religions:worship the same Godbelieve in the prophets Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon and some others (peace be upon them all). However, Christians don't believe in prophet Muhammad. Jews don't believe in both prophets Jesus and Muhammad.believe in the Day of resurrection and Judgmentbelieve in God angelsThe main difference is that Judaism and Christianity went a stray by worshiping others beside God.Muslims worship God alone and believe that he is ONE only, has no partner, not wife and no son.

What are two similarities between Judaism and Christianity?

Belief in one GodThe Christian "Old Testament" is a translated version of the Jewish Bible.Both believe in Yahweh (God). Both believe in offerings to God.

Is judaism newer than Islam and Christianity?

No. Judaism is older than both.

What religion is closest to Christian?

If any religion is close to Christianity, I think it would be an abrahamic religion, either Islam or Judaism. Probably Islam because Islam believes that Jesus was a prophet of God but Judaism rejects Jesus. However Christianity has a major difference with Islam and Judaism. Christianity believes in trinitarian monotheism but both Islam and Judaism have strict monotheism. The oneness of God is extremely important in Islam. Also both Islam and Judaism do not believe in the concept that God can be a man. Christianity is a religion which has alot of varying beliefs within itself anyway.

What religion does Christianity resemble?

Both Islam and Christianity grew out of Judaism and therefore it seems that Christianity is most closely related to Judaism.However, despite the same God being worshipped in all three religions, Christianity is unique in that Christians believe that God himself became human in the form of Jesus Christ whom they regard as fully human and yet fully divine. They believe that this claim can be substantiated by Jesus' teachings, acts, miracles and hid death, resurrection and ascension. No other major religion of the world in the history of the world has such a belief. So, although there are similarities between Judaism, Islam and Christianity (the same God, and the religions can be traced back to Abraham), Christianity is unique in the religions of the world in its belief of just who Jesus actually is.

What is more like Christianity - Islam or Buddhism?

Islam. Muslims believe in one God. Buddists don't believe in God

What religion was founded by the Israelites?

The religion of the Israelites was Judaism.Christianity and Islam are both offshoot religions of Judaism.

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