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Do bulls have wings?


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There are a fair number of different types of bulls: - Mature bulls - Bull calves - Yearling bulls - Virgin bulls - Old bulls - Mean bulls - Heifer bulls - Big bulls - Small bulls - Weaned bull-calves - Young bulls - Herd bulls - [Insert breed here] bulls - Fighting bulls - Bad bulls - Good bulls The list goes on.

Quite a few:Gomer bullsHerd bullsRodeo bullsFighting bullsA.I. stud bullsYoung bullsVirgin bullsProven bullsBologna/Slaughter/Cull bullsBull calvesBeef bullsDairy bullsThe list goes on...

Absolutely. Red Bull doesn't lie. Unfortunately, the ratio is 4:1. Four Red Bulls equal 1 set of wings. Though it is not recommended, the consumer may drink 8 or even 12 red bulls to obtain extra flight ability. This may be needed due to physical shape.

Because that's a part of their breeding. But not all bulls are brown: there are yellow bulls, black bulls, red and white bulls, black and white bulls, red bulls, white bulls, etc.

There are (as there are more than just 9 types of bulls): - Gomer bulls - Herd bulls - Yearling bulls - AI bulls - Purebred bulls - Commercial bulls - Crossbred bulls - Show bulls - Maternal bulls - Terminal bulls - Rotational bulls - Bull calves - Young bulls - Old bulls - Good bulls - Crappy bulls - etc., If you are looking for "types" as in "breeds," then the nine + most popular purebred bulls are (not necessarily in this order): - Angus - Hereford - Simmental - Brahman - Charolais - Limousin - Gelbvieh - Red Angus - Beefmaster - Brangus - Maine Anjou - Chianina

The Bulls is the nickname of the Chicago Bulls team.

I believe you mean "class," not categorization.For bulls:Bull calvesWeanling bullsYearling bullsVirgin bulls2-year old bullsMature bullsHerd bullsBologna/slaughter bullsDairy bullsBeef bullsFor cows:Open cowsBred cowsDry cowsLactating cows3-in-1 cowsDairy cowsBeef cowsSlaughter/cull cows

Beside the Chicago Bulls they are called THE BULLS as well.

Bulls do have tails.

A rhetorical question. Cows and bulls differ in that bulls do not make milk. That's your answer.

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The biggest predator of bulls are humans. Humans kill bulls for food. Bullfighters kill bulls for sport. However lions and wolves are also known to kill bulls.

No, bulls are male only.

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Stud bulls can be referred to as follows: bulls leased out to another breeder, or bulls used in an AI (artificial insemination) program which these bulls' semen are stored to be used on many different cows in distant locations.

It would be a "herd" of bulls.

Some bulls do have spots.

Only if they're red bulls.

there are 80 people on the bulls

No but lions can eat bulls.

because it bulls chicago

There are bulls in the southern portions of the state of California. There are bulls that are located throughout the United States. In many rodeos, bulls are a main part of the rodeo.

A lot of bulls will never get their horns, because they have been born to be hornless. Not all bulls have horns.

Bulls can vary in color depending on genetics and regions. Bulls can be black in color, though.

Untill the bulls stop running

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