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Yes because red is usually angry and blue means sadness or you are depressed and yellow usually means you are very peppy at the time and the same with orange and green means tired and so on so i believe that certain colors do have certain meanings.

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Q: Do certain colors have certain meanings?
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Do certain cloud types have certain meanings?

Cloud types have no meanings at all.

What are the aura colors?

Here is a rudimentary list of aura colors and their respective meanings.

What colors are auras?

Here is a rudimentary list of aura colors and their respective meanings.

What is red white and blue?

they are colors but they have different meanings

What do the different colors stand for?

There are many lists that can tell you the meanings of colors. I was surprised to find out that colors have different meanings in different parts of the world, and the meanings change over time, just as language and fashion styles change.You can find some excellent resources by typing the meaning of colors into your favorite search box.

What does red mean in a dream?

Colors are not limited to certain meanings in dreams. For each individual and in each different dream of that individual, the color red can mean something quite different.

What are the meanings of the different colors of roses?

Red - Love Yellow - Jealousy

What is it called when you cant see only certain colors?

I'm pretty sure that is is color blindness to certain colors which makes it so you can only see certain colors.

What are the meanings of different colors?

Green means hope. Now, other ones....

Is 'certain' a synonym for 'specific' or 'particular'?

That is one of its meanings, yes.

Mood ring colors?

The mood ring's colors are based on the crystal thermometer inside... The different colors have different meanings like love, anxious or tense.

What do the colors represent on the flag of Nigeria?

The colors on the Nigerian flag have many meanings to some, but their true meanings are as follows. The white in the flag stands for honesty and peace while the green stands for love, hope and joy.

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