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No, excersice by itself and eating right will shrink your waist.


Actually, corsets will contribute to shaping your mid-section if you wear them for long periods of time. As for elastic wasit bands, I'm sorry but NO. *LAUGHS*

This may sound weird but try surran wrap( I dont know if i spelled it right) is seriously works....wrap it around you a few ormore times and leave it on for a week or so then you will probably notice a change.. i did!! but you have to exersise and do it often because the fat will come know.. lol

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Q: Do elastic waist belts while exercising help shrink your waist?
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How can you make your elastic waist band shrink?

Take it off and it will go back to its original size.

What are leather waist belts?

belts made out of leather, designed to be strapped around the waist

Where can you find Blassport elastic waist jeans?

live in connecticut where can i find Blassports elastic waist jeans?

Will wearing special belts while exercising help take off fat around the waist?

probably but why dont you run across the great wall of china?

How can you shrink your waist fast?

It is not recommended to lose a lot of weight too quickly. You do need to make sure to do a lot of exercising and eat a low-calorie diet daily.

How do men wear belts?

Men wear belts around the waist.

What G is a womens elastic corset covering the waist to thigh?

Answer.A Girdle, is a women's elastic corset covering the waist to thigh area of the body.

How do you take elastic out out pants?

Out of where? Waist? Hem? Ankles?

How do you use the word elastic in a sentence?

Grace had to sew elastic on to ballet shoe for dance. Also the elastic made the waist on my pants to tight.

How do you repair elastic waist band?

You need new elestic.

How do you wear bulet belts?

You can wear bullet belts around your waist or around your hips. Simply buckle the belts in the position that you feel most comfortable.

Where can you buy white stag elastic waist jean leggings?


Do skater skirts have elastic waist bands?

Yes, it is possible to get a skater skirt with an elastic waistband. However you will have to shop around.

How do you tighten an elastic waist band?

Undo the hem, cut a piece of the elastic out, and then sew it back together. Then repair the seam.

Are there stockings that don't need garter belts?

these days the waist band is made with a material for keeping the garter up and no need for belts

How do you lose 5 inches from your waist in 1 week without exercising?

You may be able to lose 5 inches from your waist in one week without exercising. You can do this by eating healthy foods and staying away from foods that cause bloat.

What is a sentence for elastic?

I sleep on a cheap bed with a tempur type, visco elastic foam 2 " overlay that eases pressure points. It has an elastic waistband that fits sizes 8 to 12 waist. .

How can you save money on maternity clothes?

Go to thrift shops or cut the waist band off your pants and sew elastic ribbing around the waist.

Does a 1986 cj7 jeep need shoulder seat belts or just waist seat belts?

Whatever the vehicle came with when it left the factory is what is required.

How do you line a leotard?

you take and sew elastic around the waist and it will stretch and fit your child correctly!!

When you add elastic to the waistband of a pair of jeans does it make the whole pair of jeans bigger all over like in the butt and thighs too or just the waist?

no just the waist

How do you do make seat belts more comfortable?

Put a pillow something that is most comfortable for you down at your waist

Can you get jeans with more stretch in the waist?

Yes -- look for jeans labeled "stretch" or "easy fit". These are generally either woven with a small percentage of stretchy material like spandex added to the cotton fibres or they have inconspicuous elastic gussets at the side of the waist. You usually will have to go to customized jean shops to get them to fit with an elastic waist like the ones that you see in specialty magazines.

What are sweatpants made of?

They are made of cotton which is what makes them soft as well as comfortable :) They also have elastic around the waist and ankles.

When sewing a waistband how do you determine how much elastic to use?

You use 1" more than the waist you're sewing for. This allows for a 1" overlap to sew the elastic together securely. Answer two: Per this entry from Threads Magazine online: The length of elastic should be shorter than the waist seam (after seams and darts are sewn). How much shorter depends on the combination of fabric, lining and elastic. On lightweight fabric with lightweight lining, use clear elastic, and pull the elastic gently as you sew it in place. If the fashion fabric is corduroy or cotton twill with a medium lining, use braided elastic, and stretch the elastic more as you sew it in place because heavy or firm fabrics put more pressure on the elastic.