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Do fashion photographers and fashion designers work together?


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Yes it does at times..depending what assignment they are working on..


If you want a sample try this


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Fashion designers work everyday and sometimes on holidays and birthdays. ----

a fashion model must work with the agents and bookers at their modeling agency as well as with designers, photographers, hair and make-up artists and other models

fashion designers wear fashionable clothes

do fashion designers work more with machines than people

Fashion designers typically design clothing, and interior designers work on buildings. CAD is more conducive to building design. whereas fashion designers often use live models to design and display their work.

Black supermodels Chronicles Black Modeling seen from the perspective of a complete amateur Massively illustrated by Fashion designers and Photographers' brilliant work.

A fashion designer might work with an assistant or help out other fashion designers.

does fashion design work in group,individual ,or both

fashion designers work in a studio or office

Fashion designers do not work alone. They may come up with the ideas alone but they worked in collaboration with other people to make a project successful.

they work evry day when they have time

Many graphic designers use a combination of original illustration and digital work. Graphic designers also create advertisements and work with photographers.

they work in group in a office normally in america.

it depends on how long you work, what level you are at, and who you work for

i think fashion designers have to work 17 hours a day. lol thyx for asknn

Fashion designers generally work in warehouse, where they have plenty of room to design and manufacture their clothing or products. Fashion designers can also use their homes, or they may have an office for their brand.

Work environment for fashion designers all depends on what kind of designer you are. Freelance designers usually tend to work in small, cramped work spaces, but if you are a big name designers you would have a large work space with many others around helping. Designers work usual 9-10 hour days and are usually very stressed by deadlines and buyers. Designers also travel very frequently.

Fashion photographers conditions vary from job to job. Some shoots are done at studios and some are done outdoors. Location shots can be exciting and very creative for photographers. Working hours can vary from a quick 30 minutes for a shoot to 10+ hours easily. Fashion photographers need to be creative and work well with a team.

New looks will typically come from fashion designers. There are also certain trend setters in the world, as well, although they often work with fashion designers.

Woman's fashions change frequently. If they did not, a whole lot of fashion designers would be out of work.

There were a number of famous fashion designers who were active during the 1940s. Some of these designers include Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, and Anne Klein. Their work is still very much in demand today.

well i think they work in one place but i don't know

Valentino, Versace, Roberto Cavalli. My top favorite designers in the entire world. :) The work that these men do is phenomenal.

You work hard stay after hours do better than every body

fashion designers do many different things. sometimes they work with drawing and sketch clothing and other times they are actually cutting out pieces out of fabric and fitting sample designs of garments on models. Sometimes designers are working on accessory pieces for clothing. Fashion designers may go to fashion shows and read magazines to keep up with trends. These are just some of the things fashion designs may have to do.

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