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Q: Do flowers produce nectar to benefit the bees and butterflies?
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Why are butterflies attracted to flowers?

Flowers have nectar in them, and butterflies get nutrients (food) from that nectar.

How can you make a diagram illustrating how the flower and the butterfly benefit each other?

Butterflies need the nectar from various flowers to feed themselves. Flowers benefit by the butterflies pollinating them so that the flowers can create seeds.

What do butterflies eat from flowers?

Butterflies feed primarily on nectar from flowers

What relationship exists between plants and butterflies?

Plants and butterflies have a symbiotic relationship. The plants benefit from the pollination services provided by the butterflies and the butterflies feed from the nectar of the flowers of the plants.

What do rice paper butterflies eat?

Well, butterflies normally eat nectar from flowers, so we can assume that they drink the nectar from flowers.

What prey do butterflies eat?

Butterflies sip nectar from flowers.

What does the flowers benefit the honey bees on?

The flowers carry nectar, so when the bees collect the nectar they eat it. That helps produce the honey. The nectar in the flowers is the bees food source. Without flowers, the bees would all die out.

Do butterflies eat or drink nectar?

Neither, they suck the nectar out of the flowers.

What do butterflies use to eat?

Nectar from flowers

How do butterflies survive?

by eating nectar from the flowers

What is the butterflies main food?

Nectar of flowers.

How butterflies survive?

by eating nectar from the flowers