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sometimes yes if they like that much wouldn't you get a little annoyed if you want a girl and she wants your friend that ain't cool it's understandable cause things like that happen but is annoying

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โˆ™ 2006-03-22 17:06:00
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Q: Do girls get jealous if a guy likes one of their friends and not them?
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Is a guy who likes you insecure if he flirts with other girls to make you jealous?

yes if he flirts with other girls, it is to "up" his self esteem.

You like this guy and were friends he likes to make you jealous and he always looks at you but he is a perv?

"He likes to make you jealous" -- That's not a nice thing for a friend to do. He may not be a perv, but he's not a good friend!

Who is more jealous in relationships Guys or ladies?

ladies, especially if the guy has mostly friends that are girls.

This guy flirts with me and he always flirts with the people i hang out with most all his and my friends tell me he likes me but I'm not really sure does he?

He probably likes you and is trying to make you jealous by flirting with your friends

Does a guy like you if he plays with your hair?

Think about it. If a guy treats you different from his other girls that are friends then he probably likes you if this guy plays with every girls hair then he's wierd. if he plays with only YOUR hair, he likes you.

How should a girl treat a guy?

I'm a guy so i know a guy likes to be treated like he is your everything because although he may not show it all the time that is how he pictures you. You need to let him hang out with his friends and don't get jealous when he talks to other girls but he will get jealous when you talk to dudes because he has probably been hurt before.

What does that mean if the guy you like is always around you for no reason and starts to act jealous when you're talking to any of your guy friends after your friend tells him you like him?

That he likes you or he wants you to think he likes you back.

What if a girl kisses you but likes another guy?

she is probably just trying to make the other guy jealous. girls tend to do a lot of that. but talk to her, you never know

What does that mean if the guy you like gets jealous and maybe shows off whenever you talk to any of your guy friends?

that means he probably likes you. you should ask him

If a Guy Makes fun of my legs and Girls tell me i have cute legs to be a guy does it mean a guy is Jealous?

It could be possible that the guys are jealous since the girls like your legs.

What if a guy is jealous of you when you look at another guy does that mean that he likes you?

Yes maybe.

Would a girls friends tell you if she likes you or not?

Some girls will tell a guy that they like them while others may be shy and will not tell them.

What if a girl plays a guy just to make another guy jealous?

If this is what she's really doing, it means she likes the other guy. Could be, though, she likes the guy she's playing and doesn't care whether the other guy gets jealous or not.

What if a guy likes you but his friends hate you?

Then the guy likes you and his friend hates you.

What does it mean if a guy that likes you teases you about other guys?

He is jealous.

Will the guy who likes you know the guy you like likes you and feel jealous?

Not sure how you expect someone to magically know something.

Is it possible for a guy who likes you to know the guy you like likes you too and get jealous of him?

OF COURSE! that's just the minds of guys!

Why does a guy try hard to get your attention whenever he sees you talking to any of your guy friends?

Well, guys get jealous very easily, especially if he likes you or is in a relationship with you, because they are the only guy they want you to talk to

What are someways guys try to make girls jealous when they find out the girl they like has a boyfriendbut they already have a girlfriend?

You can't make a girl jealous only when you know the girl likes the guy. If you know that the girl likes the guy but already has a girlfriend, then spend more time with the girlfriend that the guy already has and then laugh alot areound her and if the girl you're trying to get jealous treat her like a friend but ignore her, but not too harsh!

What does it mean if the guy you like looks or stares at you almost every time he sees you in class or in the hallway for more than a year and gets jealous when you talk to any guy friends?

he likes you

Why does a confident outgoing guy look or stare at you almost every time when he sees you in class or in the hallway and get jealous whenever he sees you talking to any of your guy friends?

Are kidding me?!?!?! Because he likes you

Why guys get soo jealous but expect their girl not to get jealous of other girls they talk to and flirt with?

Girls try to make guys jealous to get more affection and attention from a guy.

What do teens do to make a guy like them?

Well they be what the guy likes. Here is example. If he likes bad girls, smart girls, nasty girls, etc. They will be that.

If a girls shows interest in a guy and she has him in one of her classes and they talk medium percent of the time but her friends come up to her at the end of the class and they talk what is up?

it could be a guy way of trying to make a girl jealous. By talking to other girls, he might want to see your reaction. On the other hand, he could be interested in your friend. Try to find out who he likes, or, if not possible, what he looks for in girls.

When you're positive this guy likes you he asks someone else out why?

To make this guy jealous, of course.