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Yes this can happen. In some women (some may never have had an allergy) until menopause will have more Allergies. I never had any allergies and when I went into menopause I got all sorts of allergies right down to some medications such as antibiotics that I had taken before. I went through it naturally. I did some research on the subject and yes indeed, going into menopause can cause rashes, itchy skin, bumps, rough skin, itchy eyes and ears, sinus problems, sore throats, dry mouth, more yeast, urinary tract and bladder infections. The reason for this is the tissues inside a woman are growing thinner and our immune systems are bouncing around from the constant hormone fluctuations.

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Q: Do hives or transient skin rashes accompany menopause?
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What are some reactions to tomatoes if you are allergic?

Hives, rashes, things like that that can effect the skin. Hives, rashes, things like that that can effect the skin.

Rashes on the body after eating food?

Hives-allergic reaction.

Are these hives or an allergic reaction?

Hives are an allergic reaction, as are many rashes. However, you would need to see a doctor to help determine the cause. Hives are usually raised welts.

Do hives have anything to do with lupus?

There are rashes associated with lupus but they do not itch for the most part. The rashes that are symptoms of lupus are not called hives. The two may be confused though. What may look like hives from an allergic reaction to a food or irritant may be a rash from your own immune system reacting incorrectly.

What diseases cause hives?

Hives are caused by an allergic reaction or severe anxiety. There are other "hive-like" rashes that can be caused by skin diseases or even lupus.

Can Lexapro withdrawal cause hives or rashes?

It sounds like your having an allergic reaction to Lexapro.

Does lupus cause itching?

Lupus can cause rashes that itch. Lupus can also cause hives or welts that itch.

Can coconut oil help itchy rashes under breast?

No Way it just leaves hives but it depends what kind of skin you have

What symptoms accompany hives when one is having an allergic reaction?

Hives are a fairly common type of inflammation. These raised red bumps or welts can appear rather suddenly and are accompanied by itching, burning, or stinging.

How can an infective agent enter the body?

allergic reaction to naproxen gives hives rashes and wheezing taking benedryl helps symptoms.

What causes red itchy rashes on the legs?

Poison ivy, hives, dry skin, allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, etc. etc.

Can penicillin cause tongue to swell?

If you're severely allergic, yes. Milder reactions include hives/rashes, and flu-like symptoms.

What are some common symptoms of a stress rash?

Some common symptoms of a stress rash are itch, redness, and, hives. Unfortunately skin rashes often appear the same as stress rashes. Stress can worsen the rash. Stress rashes can also be caused by a reaction to something that is put on the skin that doesn't normally cause a reaction.

Can stress cause body rashes?

Yes, it can cause hives, which can vary in appearance from one person to another. Hives usually come and go, and can be small red dots or bumps, or can be large red welts, but they always itch. When I had them the itch was unbearable! The doctor gave me a prescription for the stress, as well as one for the hives and the itching they caused.

What are the symptoms of black mold poisoning?

Some symptoms of black mold poisoning are memory loss, headaches, cough and rashes or hives amongst other things.

What are the most common symptoms of shellfish allergy?

People with shellfish allergies experience skin allergies, such as hives, itching, swelling, and rashes. Other symptoms are vomitting, wheezing, and diarrhea.

Why Do you get Hives at Night?

Yes, I just started getting hives at night. I thought it was a new laundry detergent but I rewashed everything and still have hives at night.. Strange! I'm have been experiencing some sort of systemic issue for the past 6 mos, i have had strange cysts on my legs, a very strange eye infection and now this hives!!! Maybe it's related to menopause I don't know, just feel like I'm falling apart.

How does allergy affect a person?

It depends on the allergy - and the severity of the reaction. Common symptoms may be itching, sneezing, rashes, hives. Severe allergic reactions can in some cases lead to death.

How do you know if Im suffering from symptoms of allergies?

Allergy symptoms can include runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, hives, and rashes. These can usually be alleviated by over the counter medication.

Skin rashes that forms a circle?


What can cause itchy red spots all over your body?

Red itchy bumps on your body can be caused by a number of things such as hives, chicken pox, folliculitis, eczema, rashes, vitligo and shingles.

What are common food intolerance symptoms?

Food intolerance symptoms include skin rashes, urticaria, dermatitis, hives, eczema, nasal congestion, sinusitis, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, constipation, and nausea.

Can hives lead to lupus?

No hives do not lead to or cause lupus, but lupus can cause hives.

How can you treat hives?

You can take benadryl for hives.

What STD causes hives?

Hives are not cause by an std, hives are usually caused by an allergic reaction.