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Do horses fall in love?


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February 26, 2015 3:13AM

Stallions can have favorite mares and sometimes choose mares for their harems that are specific colors. Stallions with a favorite mare behave very differently toward her than his other mares and they continue their interaction (mutual grooming and remaining close) throughout the year. It may not be love but it is an enduring attraction/affection.

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March 11, 2011 8:35AM

No, not the way human beings fall in love when they choose someone to love. But there are many kinds of love.

Does a foal love its mother the same way a human baby loves its mother? There seems to be a very strong attachment between mother and child built in to many animals. To see a mare watch over and protect her child is a strong love, strong enough for the mother to risk her own life to defend her child's.

Do a stallion and mare love one another before mating? There does not seem to be the same attachment that humans exhibit, though even for humans, love is not necessary for mating.

Does a horse love its human rider? In many cases, I think so. There is certainly a special communication that can go on between horse and human, a communication which, in my experience, touches deep emotional bonds between horse and rider. Although I would not say I love a horse the same way I love another human, there is an very deep, personal connection, which I experience as love and care, and which I feel is reciprocated as the horse responds almost intuitively to my requests.