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Do insurance companies find out about parking tickets?


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Parking tickets do not affect your insurance rates, only moving violations or other tickets that take points off your license.


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Most insurance companies find out about DUIs and other tickets when they pull your driving record when your policy renews.

Insurance companies request an MVR or Motor vehicle record from the state in which you live. This reports your previous violations to the company.

Call the court or parking authority.

There is no such thing as high risk auto insurance. You will not find a company anywhere that sells it either. There are insurance companies that will sell insurance to people with tickets and accidents and there are companies that will not sell insurance to people with many tickets or accidents. Some companies sell to anyone but just charge more for if you have tickets and accidents or a record of not keeping continuous insurance coverage. My recommendation is to find an Independent Insurance Agent that represents numerous companies, be honest with them, and let them find you the best rate and coverage you desire on your insurance. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the 3 years before that.

both points and tickets are considered in the underwriting process for rate determination by insurers. Doubt you could find one that doesn't.

Someone would find out how much money someone owes in unpaid parking tickets from 5 years ago by contacting the parking enforcement agency in each state. Having unpaid parking tickets can potentially mean that someone's car can be impounded.

Call your local police or the local equivalent of a Department of Parking and Traffic.

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