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Q: Do landlords pay for a ramp for handicapped renters?
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Must landlords pay for a ramp for handicapped renters?

No, landlords are not required to pay for a ramp for handicapped renters. A person always have the option to move.

Why do landlords want renters to pay a security deposit before moving into an apartment?

So that they can use that money to fix whatever damages the renters created after they move out.

Will rental insurance pay for wind damage to roof on a rental house?

This is not a covered peril on a tenants renters insurance policy. Nor should it be. This is the landlords responsibility.

Can landlords require renters to pay for a hotel while apartment is under construction?

The landlords insurance would cover the hotel costs if your apartment was damaged under a covered insurance loss. Your tenants insurance would also provide coverage as well.

Do apartment renters have to pay for garbage?

it will depend on the apartment complex if the renters have to pay extra for garbage. Most apartments include trash with rent.

Should a tenant pay rent to a landlord who has lost his renters privilege?

If he lost his renters privilege, he is no longer a landlord

What is retention money or security money?

When you rent an apartment, landlords usually ask for a security deposit equal to a month's rent. Renters can potentially cause all sorts of problems for landlords, they can damage the property that they rent, they can refuse to pay their rent, etc. This way landlords have at least some ability to penalize a tenant who causes these kinds of problems, by refusing to return the security deposit (in part or in full).

Do mentally handicapped people pay taxes?

It would depend on how seriously they are handicapped. If they live and work in the community, as many do, in any way then of course they pay taxes.

I just got my first apartment, and I was told I should get renters insurance. What does renters insurance cover?

Renters insurance covers all of your belongings that are inside your dwelling in the case that something bad happens (like a flood or a fire). It is kind of like homeowners insurance but for renters. If you cause damage to the landlords property you will be covered.If you cause damage and you do not have renters insurance,the land lords insurance will cover him or her and after the property has been repaired,the landlords insurance company will demand that you pay for the damages,if you do not they will and can sue you and even attach your wages. I am NOT an insurance agent, i am a landlord and i highly recommend that my tenants buy this insurance it is cheep.If they don't,and something happens and its their fault,i am covered but they will be left holding the bag. I hope this helps you. Covers furniture plus more Go ask your account if you Can or type money and for a sake of it in google

Do renters have to pay property taxes?

No, renters do not pay property taxes. Property taxes are paid by the owners of the property. They may pass that cost down to you through rent, but it will likely be spread out over months.

Which of these helps a landlord pay for damage that renters cause to their apartments?

Security deposit

Why do handicapped people park for free at meters?

Handicapped people park for free because they pay for their handicap pass. Handicapped people have trouble with mobility and need easy access to and from their cars.

What is the cost of renters insurance for the average apartment?

all depends on the location of the apartment and who you go with for renters insurance but you can pay as low has 9 a month or has high has 100 a month

How accurate are renters insurance quotes?

Renters insurance quotes can be quite reliable, but you might have to pay a small price to get them. Be sure to check around before making a decision!

Do you have to pay child support for a handicapped child over 18 in Utah?


If there is a sale date on my landlords house do i still have to pay him rent?

Yes. He still owns it.

What bills do you pay when you rent an apartment?

That depends on the apartment! Some have all utility's included and some dont. Some include heat but not electricity With all apartments you have to pay your own phone bill. But some include basic cable. Most all apartment in my town include water and garbage pickup. You may want to get renters insurance to cover your personal property. But most renters do not pay property insurance or taxes. Some landlords charge extra for pets if allowed. You need to ask the landlord of the apartment you are looking at whats included and whats not. And consider what services you want? Do you want a phone? Or cable tv? Or high speed Internet? In short most renters just pay rent and some or all utility's

Who doesn't pay into social security?

Teachers (in Georgia, anyway) do not pay into Social Security. Federal Employees are exempt as well as landlords.

What do farmers want in the Prince Edward island's absentee landlord problem?

They want to gain ownership of the land they live and work on and not have to pay the landlords of England ( the absentee landlords) rent.

Does the landlord need to replace the toilet seat when it breaks?

Only if The landlords broke it If not then the tennants have to pay for it

Is a husband forced to pay alimony to a handicapped spouse when divorcing?

if so ordered by a judge YES ...

Can I get my health insurance to pay for all or part of a wheelchair ramp for my home?

Depending on your health insurance, you might be able to get them to pay for a wheelchair ramp if your doctor considers it a medical necessity. Unfortunately, Medicare doesn't pay for ramps. Talk to your doctor and call local government and social programs to see if you can find a way to cover the cost of the wheelchair ramp.

Will renters insurance pay if a car is hit on property?

No, Renters insurance is coverage specific to household property or contents owned by the named insured. It does not cover the property of others and it does not cover automobiles. Neither Renters insurance nor Homeowners insurance will cover damage to an automobile. That's what auto Insurance is for.

Does home owners insurance cover if your friends car was broken into?

If YOUR belongings were in the friend's car and they were stolen, they are covered on YOUR homeowners or renters policy. If your friend's belongings were stolen from a car, HIS or HER homeowners/renters policy would pay.

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