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Dirty.Its because they like bad smells and eat germs and grow more babies then more lice will be added to your hair.Thats why clean your hair!Try sunsilk

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โˆ™ 2011-10-24 06:33:14
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Q: Do lice prefer clean hair or dirty hair?
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What do lice prefer better clean hair or dirty hair?

Lice prefer dirty hair than clean hair it's proven to be a scientific fact

Do lice like clean hair or dirty hair?

They actually prefer dirty enviornments. having lice is not caused by high personal hygene.

Do lice prefer clean or dirty hair?

I dont know why but they tend to like clean hair better.

Do headlice prefer clean hair?

yes because it is easier for the lice to attach to.. having lice does not mean you are dirty in fact it means your clean.. but anyone can get lice.

Can you catch lice from dirty hair are clean hair?

clean hair because lice have a hard time moving through dirty hair

If you had lice was your hair to clean or to dirty?

i am a doctor and i say lice come from people with clean hair.

Do usually dirty people get lice?

Actually clean people are more likely to get lice then dirty people. Lice are attracted to clean hair.

Does head lice come from clean hair?

no lice comes on dirty places

Is head lice caused by poor hygiene?

< no, lice prefers clean hair. If the hair is dirty the lice/eggs cannot attach themselves.

Does lice go onto hair that is clean or dirty?

Head lice are commonly thought of in relation to dirty people. This however is a point of view that is related back to propaganda and Hitler, his way of defending his views of certain races and certain people being less worth. However effective this propaganda was, it was still wrong. Head Lice actually prefer nice and clean hair. You will of course wash a lot of the lice out every time you clean your hair thoroughly, but you will not be able to get rid of them all. Dirty hair makes it more difficult for the lice to attach eggs to the hair. The lice would prefer to go elsewhere :-) But still. A home is a home. or in other words. Home sweet home.

Do lice like clean hair?

Yh maybe Yes, they don't like dirty hair.

How many days a week do you need to take a bath?

if you have straight silky hair you need to wash your hair at least every 2 days so your hair is not too clean or too dirty lice like clean and dirty hair LICE ARE GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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