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squats by far, you can load up far more weight on an olympic squat bar than lunges and itll will tone your entire leg and calves not just buttocks, also strengths your core and back.

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Q: Do lunges or squats work the fastest to grow the butt muscles?
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What can you do to have a big butt?

Butt implants are not necessary. Doing Squats and lunges or climbing stairs regularly will help develop the gluteus maximus [butt] muscles.

How do you trim your butt?

Lots of squats and lunges.

How do you get a bigger butt in 1 month?

squats and lunges

How do you exercise the butt?

Squats && lunges

How do you make fat go to you butt?

squats and lunges

What kind of exercise can you do to get a bigger butt?

squats and lunges

How could you get an apple bottom nicely shaped butt?

Do lots of squats and lunges :) Or rollerblade; for some reason it really works out the butt. Do lots of squats and lunges :) Or rollerblade; for some reason it really works out the butt.

What exercise to do for a bigger butt?

Squats, Jumping jacks, Lunges

Ways to get a bigger butt?

Squats, Jumping jacks, Lunges

What exercises make your butt larger?

Squats, & lunges

How do you make your stomach fat go to your butt?

squats and lunges

If you have bad knees what other exercises besides squats and lunges can work your butt?

split squats

What types of exercise do you do to make your butt bigger?

lunges & squats

How do men tone the butt?

squats, lunges & wall sits

How many squats can you do to get a bigger butt?

A lot, lunges work good too.

Does walking make your butt bigger?

yes it does make your butt bigger. but the best thing is to do butt exercizes such as lunges or squats. this is what tightens up your but muscles which are called your gludious maximus. butt is nothing but fat but why have a nasty looking butt!! everyone wants there butt to be nice and firm!

How can you get your butt to grow?

Eat fatty foods. If you want it to grow muscularly, then do lunges and squats.

What are some exercises one can do to tighten thigh muscles?

Some great thigh tightening exercises include squats, ham string curls, lunges, butt blasters, stiff dead leg lifts, walking lunges, running and regular leg lifts.

If you don't feel pain in your butt after squatting but you feel it in your thighs does it mean you are not doing the squats right if you want your butt to grow bigger?

Squats are as much of a hamstring and quad excersize as the would be for the butt. try lunges instead of squats. you may find they work your desired area more effectively.

How do you get a larger butt?

Eating more. Or if you want a larger and more muscular behind, do squats with moderate weights and lunges.

What kind of exercises can you do to get a larger and rounder butt?

squats,lunges and deadlifts(Its more for the back but its does build muscle in the glutes)

What can you take to make your butt bigger?

Gain wait. If you want it to be toned, you should do sets of squats or lunges everyday.

Can you get skinny but have a big butt and breasts without plastic surgery?

== == I have the same problem and I found out that you will probably loose the boobs but if you want to keep your butt, than do lunges a lot of them. For building up the rear end do squats and lunges

Why do pepople have big butts?

Exercise can help build the muscle in your butt, but you need to remember things like squats and lunges will not help you make your butt bigger.

What is the best exercise to make your butt smaller?

Lunges and squats will make your butt smaller. Dont expect to lose the weight in your butt instantly because the butt is usually the last part of your body to lose weight.