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Home schooling is growing and many families are in situations where home schooling is a better alternative. I was home schooled for 7 years on an internet based worldwide school called Christa McAuliffe Academy. I was always traveling to compete in gymnastics meets and it worked out with my schedule. Being on a farm you'll have more time with your kids and that is important specially when there's a lot of chores to be done:)

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Q: Do many sustainable farming families homeschool?
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How can the rainforest can be used in a sustainable way?

There are many ways, the main ones are : Eco tourism Sustainable logging Rubber tapping Shifiting Cultivation Sponcering land and farming

Do people homeschool there children?

Many people homeschool their children.

Do homeschool take you to field trips?

Yes! In general, homeschool kids take many many more field trips than kids who attend a 'regular' school. This is beacuse of the difficulty and expense in taking an entire classroom of kids on a field trip vs. taking your own children on a field trip. Many homeschool families take field trips at least once a month, if not more often. These can be as simple as learning about nutrition, budgeting, or money math at the local grocery store or visiting a museum, historic site, or business. Almost any place in your local community will accept homeschool groups for field trips (including factories, churches, stores, etc - get creative!) Many homeschool families also use their vacations as field trips and will visit the historic sites, state and national parks, etc wherever they happen to go. Homeschool families have the unique opportunity to do much more 'hands-on' learning beacuse there are fewer students and they are able to explore their own interests in much more depth.

How much do homeschool books cost?

It depends on the book and where you buy it. Homeschool workbooks and textbooks can cost anywhere from a few dollars (for an early elementary workbook) to a few hundred dollars (for a high school textbook or an 'all-in-one' curriculum). Many homeschool parents join co-op groups where they can buy or trade used books with other homeschool families in order to save money. Many books are also found at libraries, used book stores, and thrift shops.

What is a good thing Mexico does for the environment?

Plant trees.Recycle many materials such as metal, glass, paper and plastics.Some farms have sustainable farming methods.

Do people homeschool other kids?

Yes. It is actually quite common for homeschool families to 'outsource' certain subjects to others. This is especially common with math and science in the higher grades, where many parents hire tutors. Perhaps your uncle is a doctor and you go to him to learn anatomy and biology, or maybe your neighbor is an author and is willing to teach you about literature and writing. Many homeschool families join co-ops where each parent will specialize in a certain subject and the students will rotate homes to learn each subject from someone who knows it well.

Many of the Salem Village farming families believed that Salem Towns thriving economy made it too?


Many of the Salem village farming families believed that Salem town's thriving economy made it too?


How many kids are in homeschool in Virginia?


Where could a person purchase homeschool software?

The easiest place to purchase homeschool software is on-line. Homeschool software is available through many website and homeschool co-ops. The decision of what software best fits the students education goals needs is the first step to purchasing homeschool software.

What did men do in the colonial times?

Colonial times were hard and families were large. Many men at that time had to work hard to support their families and they did so by farming or running a family business.

What did men do in colonial times?

Colonial times were hard and families were large. Many men at that time had to work hard to support their families and they did so by farming or running a family business.

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