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Do men lie about fear?

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some men lie to say they love you but they also lie because they might care

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What is the Fear itself theme song?

Serj Tankian: Lie, Lie, Lie

What phobia is the fear of hairy men?

Androchaetophobia is the fear of hairy men. Chaetophobia is the fear of hairy people. Androphobia is the fear of men.

Do girls lie more than men?

Men lie 8x more than women. Men usually lie about themselve. When women lie, it's usually to protect other people.

What phobia is the fear of telling a lie?


What is fear of handsome men called?

Arrhenphobia is just the fear of men, not handsome men. I doubt there is a specific phobia for that.

What phobia is the fear of men?

Androphobia, Arrhenphobia and Hominophobia are names of phobias related to the fear of men

Why do men always lie to you?

I'm male, and I don't lie to people...

Do men lie more than females?

Well....Yes. Men lie around women because they get more nervous.

Why were Odysseus men gripped by fear?

Odysseus' men were "gripped by fear " because of the wolves and mountain lions.

Is there a name for the fear of roller coasters?

The name if you have a a fear of rollercoasters is Rollasotersisem I have it. No lie its the truth search it up.

What phobia is fear of snowmen?

Fear of snow is Chionophobia Fear of men is Hominophobia So the fear of snowmen is -> Hominochionophobia or Homochionophobia To understand the word, think of it in reverse: men, snow, fear of Or: "fear of snowmen" See more:

What is Arrhenphobia?

The fear of men.

What is the phobia name for fear of boys?

Androphobia, is the fear of boys and men.

What phobia is the fear of tall men?

There is no specific phobia named for a fear of tall men. The original answer here, necrophilia, is incorrect.

What actors and actresses appeared in Men with No Fear - 2015?

The cast of Men with No Fear - 2015 includes: Nick Cage

Why fear during lie?

As we know that anything we hide from other will leads to tension... As when we lie the person will definitely have the feeling whether they might come to know the real facts so.... its not fear but completely tension...

What is the phobia name for having fear of talking to guys?

Glossophobia= Fear of Speaking Androphobia=Fear of men

Is there a phobia fear of men?


Irrational fear of men?


Why do white men fear black men?

Genetic annihilation. fear of retribution, narcissitic preoccupation with blue eyes and white skin.

What is Dexter Fowler's walk up to bat songs?

I heard its 'Woman Lie Men Lie'.

Are the myth that Russian women prefer western men a lie?

It's not a lie, it's a myth.

Why men lie and women cry?

women are more sensitive than men,men are too strong

What are the release dates for Men Lie - 1994?

Men Lie - 1994 was released on: USA: 20 April 1994 (Houston Film Festival) (premiere)

Why do teenagers lie about their pregnancy?

Fear is usually the reason. In some cases denial.