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I believe it is a fad and they only say it because other girls are saying it. At that age, they experiment and try out things - not necessarily because they want to, but because their friends are.

OR Maybe for SOME it is a fad, but for others it could be genetic and be a life decision. I know I am a lesbian, not as a fad, but because I cant change it (And believe me I HAVE tried to change it).

In my opinion there's 2 types of bisexuals. There's the type that say it because other people are and there's the type who really are bisexual and get angry with the ones who are just saying it to say it. There's a difference between both, obviously, and there's a lot of teens that actually are bisexual and are just simply saying it. The ones that are just saying it you can tell by when they say they like someone of the same sex and then have the opportunity to date them they suddenly, the next minute, hate the person. Quite noticable then, don't you think? The fakes are honestly quite annoying.

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Q: Do most teen girls who say they are bisexual say that because they are and is it a permanent decision or is it just a fad?
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Honestly, the best thing to do is just support their decision. There's no real reasoning with them, trust me I know because my friends found out that I was bisexual but they only said that they understood my decision (both girls and guys said that). But the true way to deal with it if you don't want to be friends with them is to tell them that you need to move on and that it's not their fault.. At least that's what some of my friends did to someone else... hope this helps!!

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Maybe it's because you're not a bisexual, Sweetheart, maybe it's because you're lesbian. Or maybe it's just a stage. Same happened to me, I'm a bisexual gal but I feel more attracted to women. I think it's because girls just know how to manage each other better than boys know how to manage us girls. I'd go lesbian if I couldn't live without a penis. (;

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