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Colleges and universities of all types get complaints (whether online or on campus). It is virtually impossible to please everyone. That being said, the University of Phoenix is a great university, with good faculty and an outstanding support staff. The university has the preferred accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is a College Board member. While you should always research negative rumors of a school, in this case the University of Phoenix is no more complaint filled than any other college or university. Most of the students I have spoken to who have completed a degree through this university have had nothing but good things to say.

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Q: Do other online univerisities get the same complaints as University of Phoenix?
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You can get more information about Phoenix University online courses by visiting their website and speaking with a recruiter at the University of Phoenix. You can also request a brochure through the mail.

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You have to sign in to one of the following popular schools. These are Ashford University, Grand Canyon University, Kaplan University, University of Phoenix Online, Walden University and University of Phoenix. First five are online.

Is Phoenix University online a good choice for me?

Phoenix University online is an accredited university. It is good for the starter classes but take the more advanced ones at a brick and mortar school.

How is university of Phoenix rated by employers?

University of Phoenix runs online campaign from where they collect data of employers.

What are the release dates for The University of Phoenix Online - 2012?

The University of Phoenix Online - 2012 was released on: USA: 8 July 2012

Has anyone heard of Phoenix state university?

Yes. It is advertised as an award-winning college located in Phoenix for its "#1 online resource for home-based business." Other research has shown that this school is a scam website and contains a variety of complaints as well.

Does the university of Phoenix have dorms?

No the University of Phoenix doesn't have dorms, and no it isn't only internet based. You have a choice to do it all online, or they have campuses. There is a University of Phoenix campus located 5 miles from my house. Their base is in Phoenix.

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Ashford University, University of Phoenix, Liberty University

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Some universities has the program DM online are: University on Maryland University College, University of Phoenix, Walden University, University of Warmick.

What online business courses are offered at Phoenix university?

"There are plenty of online business courses offered at Phoenix University. There are computer software classes, management classes, and advertising classes."

How do I get a psychology degree online?

There are several online schools that offer online degrees in Psychology. The top 3 are Ashford University, Post University and University of Phoenix.

Is rowan university and University of Phoenix the same thing?

Rowan university is an acctual college located in Glassboro NJ, there are a number of schools in the university, Phoenix is an online college.. they are unrelated

I Phoenix University a real college?

Phoenix University is an accredited online institution. They are a legitimate school and have an average success and graduation rate.

What universities offer MBA courses online?

The University of Phoenix offers online masters degree courses in business administration. Upon completion of their courses, you will have earned an MBA degree online through the University of Phoenix.

Does University of Phoenix offer any online counseling degree programs?

The University of Phoenix does not offer any counseling degree programs online. They do offer Master of Science Counseling degrees in Phoenix, Tucson and Salt Lake City.

Where can I find an online academic calendar for the University of Phoenix?

There is only a few places where one can find an online academic calendar for the University of Phoenix. It is most likely to be found on the UoP website.

What are the best medical schools online?

There are many medical schools which are online but very best among them include University of Phoenix, Keiser University, Kaplan University, Walden University, and South University online.

Does Phoenix University only offer online classes?

No, Phoenix University does not only offer online classes.It may be more easy but some people prefer to do things one on one rather than be online alone.

Are there accredited online courses to reach my MBA?

You may obtain an accredited MBA degree online at the University of Phoenix. The university of Phoenix is only one example of several colleges where you can obtain an accredited online MBA degree.

Does Phoenix University offer online real estate license courses?

Yes University of Phoenix does in fact offer some real estate course online. They would not be my first choice though.

What and where is Phoenix College?

If you mean the University of Phoenix, it is an online school. If you mean any other school with Phoenix in its name, I would assume it is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Where would one find the student login for Phoenix University online site?

The student login button can be found at the top of the page on the University of Phoenix website. The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling.

Does the University of Phoenix offer any online doctoral programs?

At the present time the University of Phoenix does not offer any doctoral programs. You will have to attend a traditional university for this type of degree.

Where can I go to take MBA courses online?

Online MBA courses may be taken from the University of North Carolina, Liberty University Online, University of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, or Kaplan University - to name a few.

What courses do the University of Phoenix offer online?

University of Phoenix offers many different degrees online. Some examples include degrees in Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, Criminal Justice and Education.