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Do parents in England have to carry on financially supporting their child if they leave home and if so until what age?

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If your over 18 is it your parents business to tell you that you can't carry an airsoft gun for self protection?

yes, if you are still living in their house and/or they are supporting you.

Where did New England ship sail to carry on trade?

The New England ships sailed to England and Europe to carry on their trading.

What does carry on mean in England?


What does the Queen of England carry in her purse?


What is Students for Concealed Carry's motto?

The motto of Students for Concealed Carry is 'Supporting Self-Defense on Campus'.

Chromosomes carry genes from parents to offspring?


Is meet the parents a carry on from meet the fockers?

Yes it is :-]

What genetic information do your cells carry?

the one inherited from the parents

Who carry the parent characters to child?

The sperm and egg cell each carry half of the each parents characteristics.

What is learned behaviour?

this mean something has learnt like a cat has learnt to climb up trees Answer It is behavior learned from the person's environment. For example, if the parents behave badly in front of their children, the children learn from it and carry the bad behavior on into adulthood. If the parents do drugs in front of the children, the children will do drugs. If the parents fight and carry on in front of the children, the children will carry the behavior they learned from their parents into adulthood. If the parents have no manners, the children will have no manners.

Is this true genes pass from parents to offspring on chromosomes?

Chromosomes carry DNA which passes on the traits of the parents to the offspring.

Were did new England ships sail to carry on trade?

Triangular trade

What New England deciduous trees carry their leaves longest?


Who is the eldest son of King Charles 1 of England?

tom carry

How old do you have to be to carry pepper spray?

any age as long as your parents but it

Where did New England ships sail to carry on trade?

The coonists traded their goods with the countries, England and Europe. They had triangular trade.

Can a child get green eyes if parents eyes are brown?

Yes, if the parents carry the gene for green eyes as a recessive gene.

How can a child with cystic fibrosis have two parents that do not have cystic fibrosis?

a child with cf has parents which 'carry' the cf gene therefore they do not have it

How many carry on films were made?

31 Carry On Abroad Carry On Again Doctor Carry On At Your Convenience Carry On Behind Carry On Cabby Carry On Camping Carry On Cleo Carry On Columbus Carry On Constable Carry On Cowboy Carry On Cruising Carry On Dick Carry On Doctor Carry On Don't Lose your Head Carry On Emmannuelle Carry On England Carry On Follow that Camel Carry On Girls Carry On Henry Carry On Jack Carry On Loving Carry On Matron Carry On Nurse Carry On Regardless Carry On Screaming Carry On Sergeant Carry On Spying Carry On Teacher Carry On Up the Jungle Carry On Up The khyber

What is the age limit to carry a full time high school student on your taxes?

Well, you can carry them on your taxes as long as your supporting him/her and the student remains a full-time student. This would carry over to their college education if they so choose to pursue higher education.

Who can carry guns in England?

Bodyguards of royalty, armed police and the armed forces.

Why does the Queen of England always carry a handbag?

because she feels like it

How are recessive trait inherited?

A recessive trait can only be passed along if both parents carry at least one of the recessive genes to the child. If both parents manifest the trait (that is, if both parents have both recessive genes), then the child will manifest (that is, carry both recessive genes and display) the recessive trait. If one parent manifests and the other parent only carries the trait (that is, carries one dominant and one recessive gene) then the child will definitely carry and have a 50% chance of manifesting. If both parents carry the recessive, the child is 25% likely not to carry the trait at all, 50% likely to carry and 25% likely to manifest the trait.

By law do you have to carry drivers license in England?

You do not have to carry your licence (or any other form of ID) in England. However if the police ask you to, you must present your licence to a designated police station within a set time period.

Is it legal to carry pepper spray in the United Kingdom?

NO. It is illegal to carry any weapon in a public place in England, Wales, Scotland and NI.