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Do people speak Aramaic today?

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According to Ethnologue, Modern Aramaic is spoken by around 550,000, people of various communities from across the Middle East, especially in Syria and Israel, including Christians, Jews, Mandaeans and Muslims.

More than 90% of Modern Aramaic speakers either speak Assyrian Neo-Aramaic or the Chaldean Neo-Aramaic variety.

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Yes, Assyrians still do.

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What countries speak Aramaic today?

Syria. Thanks!

Should Aramaic replace English as the international language?

Not very many people speak Aramaic ... so, no.

What languages did the people of Mesopotamia speak?


What is Aramaic are they the first to speak the English language?

Aramaic is a Semitic language, closely related to Hebrew. Aramaic speakers were not the first to speak English.

What languages did and do the Assyrians speak?

Assyrian, Aramaic and Neo- Aramaic.

What language did people speak before Aramaic?

If you're talking about the region of the land of Israel, Hebrew and Old Canaanite were spoken before Aramaic.

Do Ethiopians speak Aramaic?

The official language of Ethiopia is Amharic, not Aramaic.

Did Hitler speak aramaic?


Did Jesus speak amharic?

Jesus spoke aramaic

How many people speak Aramaic?

Syriac, the modern Syrian dialect of Aramaic, is the liturgical language of the Syriac Christian community. Most members of that community today speak Arabic as their native language, but the clergy is generally literate in Syriac. Jewish Aramaic is the language of much of the Talmud and small portions of the Jewish liturgy. Many Jews today learn Hebrew, but Jews who study Talmud (many Rabbis and a surprising number of laymen) are somewhat literate in Aramaic as it is used in the Talmud. A Rabbi I knew visited Syria back in the 1980s and was pleased to discover that he could communicate in Aramaic with Syriac priests. Each thought the other had a strange accent and they did have to speak slowly and carefully, but they could communicate.

How many people speak spanish in the world today?

About 417 million people today speak Spanish.

How many people speak french in Australia today?

2094 people speak French in AUS today :)

What countries still speak aramaic?

None. Neo-Aramaic and Syriac, both modern dialects of the ancient Aramaic are spoken in the areas formerly belonging to the Assyrian empire. Many Bedouins in and around Israel still speak Aramaic, but they do not constitute a country.

Where is the assyrian language spoken today?

There is no one language spoken by the Assyrian people--the Assyrians today speak Arabic, Persian, Neo-Aramaic languages, and Turkish--as they are spread throughout much of Middle East, though mostly Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

What language did the Nazarenes speak?

The Nazarenes spoke Aramaic.

Where do people speak neo-Aramaic dialects?

Neo-Aramaic dialects, also called Modern Aramaic or Syriac, are spoken in small groups in Syria but the number if speakers is diminishing rapidly, and the language is expected to have no native speakers within 100 years.

Did Jesus speak latin and greek or no?

No Jesus spoke aramaic.

Do Jewish people speak English?

Today, the majority speak english and/or Hebrew.

What country is Aramaic?

The Aramaic culture (Arameans) did not have a unified culture, but they mainly lived in an area that today is called Syria. The Aramaic language, however, was spoken all over the middle East, and is still spoken today in parts of Syria.

If its extinct then why do Assyrians around the world speak the assyrian language?

The Assyrian language as you call it does not exist. The Ancient Assyrians are extinct and the language they spoke was Akkadian. The people that call themselves Assyrian today are actually of Aramean heritage and the language they all speak is forms of Aramaean/Aramaic and nothing else.

Did Jesus speak syriac?

No actually the language that Jesus spoke was Aramaic.

What language did Saint Peter speak?

He spoke Aramaic, & then when the Holy Spirit Came upon him, he could speak Greek & Latin too.

What languages did the Jewish people speak at the time of Jesus?

The majority of Jews in Israel at the time spoke Aramaic. Hebrew was used liturgically and for study.

Did Jesus speak the same language that Armenians speak?

Most scholars believe that Jesus spoke Aramaic, not Armenian.

What language did the apostle John speak?

A:The language spoken by Palestinian Jews in the first century was Aramaic, so the apostle John would have spoken Aramaic.

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