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Yes, they are real. If you look on Google Images and you type in ghosts you will find some good pictures of them. Try searching some other related things as well other than just ghosts. please write a reply if you have any queries.

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Some reputed " ghosts " show up on film as cloudy figures that are completey indescript. Others show something more substantial . It has never been completely unproven, but many have been debunked as chicanery of one sort or another. Some cannot be proved or disproved. So it remains an open question, subject to individual interpretation.

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Q: Do real ghosts show up in pictures?
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Why do ghosts show up in your pictures?

Well simply a ghost is there. You can sense ghosts but you can't see them. Unless you've got a brain tumor.

Are ghosts real on Club Penguin?

Members of ClubPenguin can dress up as ghosts, but no there are no such thing as real ghosts on club penguin

Do ghosts try to scare us?

Ghosts do not exist.if you believe in ghosts no and if you don't still why even bring up the question.?Maybe because we have done something to them or we killed them i donno but maybe they are not real we never know

Do ghosts show up on the Marauders Map in Harry Potter?

Yes, ghosts do appear on the Marauder's Map.

Are ghosts in reallife?

No. Do not worry about it, ghosts are not real because they are just made up. In reallife, there are no such things as ghosts but some people believe in ghost and some don't. This is quite true, ghosts are not in reallife because of that you watch scary movies or read scary stories doesn't mean that ghosts are real. They are just made up for fun.

What do Most ghosts show up on film as?

They don't as there is no such thing as a ghost

Are black ghosts real?

black ghosts are real. Most of the time black ghosts are either older spirits that dont have enough energy to show who they really are, therefor showing up as a black shadow. And some of the black shadows are other spirits that dont want you to see who they really are, or they may not even be human spirits. So take note, not all black shadows are bad.

Can you show me a pic that is a human that turned into a mermaid?

No. People can't turn into mermaids and mermaids are not real, so there are no pictures of people who have turned into mermaids. The only way people become mermaids is with a costume and special effects in a movie or TV show.

What do ghosts look like in plctures?

Generally speaking ghosts tend to show up as orbs in photographs. However sometimes aparitions will show up as mist, blurs, foggy faces, or even full figures.

Is thinking ghosts are real dumb?

I wouldn't say dumb, but it wouldn't be to smart to say that ghosts are real. Because when people die, they don't rise up as ghost. They stay underground and decompose and then they will just be skeletons. Ghosts aren't real, neither are vampires, zombies, or werewolves.

Do ghosts wear masks?

Ghosts rarely show themselves to us. When they its when we least expect it, like on photographs. They do not wear masks, they may show up as orbs, ectoplasm's (shapeless mists) or they look like a normal person, just pale and see through. In the case of ghosts in photographs, most of the people never notice anything abnormal while taking the pictures. Then they get them development so the spirits appear. ghost don't wear mask and they do show there face at some people.

Can there be poltergeist in photos?

Yes. Ghosts can show up in photos from time to time. No. There are no such things as ghosts images on telivision are doctored for publicity purposes.