Do si trova la scatola fusibili Ford Fusion?

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dietro il cassetto porta oggetti, premere verso l'esterno per sfilare il cassetto
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How bad is the Ford Fusion?

I have a 2006 Ford Fusion and I love it. It gets around 27 MPG , runs great and has lots of power, The car has 50000 miles on it and other than oil changes and tires I have not had to replace anything. The car also has a 5 star crash rating. My Fusion has the 4 banger in it. It rides very nice too. ( Full Answer )

What si Henry Ford?

Henry Ford was a famous businessman. He was the founder of the FordMotor Company. He also started the assemble line.

Will there be a 2010 Ford Fusion?

I don't know when you asked this question, but yeah there is a 2010 Ford Fusion. The Fusion was totally redesigned for 2010. It consists of 4 trim levels, the S, SE, SEL, and Sport. You can have FWD or an intellegient AWD system. In other thoughts, why would Ford ever discontinue the Fusion as of no ( Full Answer )

Tire pressure for Ford fusion?

Ford Fusion tyre pressures = Normal Load (with up to 3 people) = Front 34psi (2.4bar) / Rear31psi (2.2bar) Full Load (more than 3 people) = Front 36psi (2.5bar) / Rear 40psi(2.8bar) Tyre size is: 195.60.R16 size 225 55r17 33psi per door sticker P-rated tires will never require more than35psi to ( Full Answer )

How good is a Ford Fusion 2009?

That all depends on what you consider to be good in a car.. The fusion comes in a 4 cylinder (fuel effcient) and a V6 (powerful). It comes in two trims SE (Basic) SEL (loaded). It comes in either a front wheel drive or an All-Wheel-Drive. The build quality of a fusion is exceptional, and the rid ( Full Answer )

What is 'Si la Vi Si la Legare' in English?

C'est la vie, c'est la guerre may be what's intended by the phrase 'Si la vi si la legare'. In such an event, the original language becomes French, not Italian. The English equivalent then becomes 'That's life, that's war'. The phrase in French is pronounced 'say lah vee, say la ghehr'. The letter ( Full Answer )

How fast can a Ford Fusion go?

not very fast especially if its the 4 Cly. I got mine up to 105 mph, then I let off the gas a bit. It could've gone maybe 10, 15 more. I think mine's a V6 though.

What country is the Ford Fusion made in?

NOT made in USA. The 2010 Ford Fusion is built in Mexico at Ford's Hermosillo assembly plant. The Fusion has been assembled at the Hermosillo facility since the midsize sedan's introduction as a 2006 model.

What does si la vie?

"C'est la vie" = "That's life!". I'm guessing that "si la vie" is a mis-spelling of "c'est la vie!"? "C'est la vie" is a contraction of "Ce est la vie" ("ce est" contracts to "c'est"). "c'est" is pronounced similarly to "say" in English. Spanish "si" is pronounced similarly to "see" in Engli ( Full Answer )

What is the mpg of 2009 Ford fusions?

2009 FORD FUSION 2.3L Hybrid I-4 ~~~ 39 mpg city / 35 mpg highway 2.3L I-4 Gasoline ~~~ 22 mpg city / 32 mpg highway 3.0L V6 Gasoline ~~~ 20 mpg city / 25 mpg highway 3.5L V6 Gasoline ~~~ 20 mpg city / 24 mpg highway

How much does a Ford Fusion cost?

Ford Fusion Starting Price - - - $20,345 Fusion Hybrid Starting Price - - - $28,350 Max Ford Fusion Price - - - around $32,000 Max Ford Fusion Hybrid Price - - - around $37,000

How much is the Ford fusion?

The 2010 Ford Fusion has a starting price of $20,345. That would be an S model with FWD, 2.3L DOHC I-4, tan cloth seats, and really nothing fancy. A loaded Ford Fusion would be the Sport model. It would have AWD, 3.5L Duratec V6, Trimmed Leather Seats, Voice Activated SYNC, Sirius Satellite Radio, a ( Full Answer )

How do you change the clock on Ford Fusion?

From the user manual. "To set the time, press CLOCK# [the lower left button in the preset number panel]. The display will read SET TIME. Use the memory preset numbers (0-9) to enter in the desired time-hours and minutes and press OK. The clock will then begin from that time. "Note: If your veh ( Full Answer )

When was the Ford Fusion made?

Ford started designing the Fusion in late 2003. The car debuted in the middle of 2005, as a 2006 model. The Fusion had a makeover for 2010 and is one of the best-selling vehicles in the USA.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2007 Ford Fusion?

Its designed where it cost a bloody fortune, with dropping the tank and changing the pump and filter. It would be cheaper to trade it in and buy a new vehicle

How many liters in a Ford Fusion tank?

the answer is 45 litres in a tank ======== According to the 2008 Ford FUSION Owner Guide : Front wheel drive ( 66.2 litres ) All wheel drive ( 62.4 litres )

What is a reason why a 2007 Ford Fusion will not start?

It could be various reasons. First of all, make it simple and makesure you have some fuel in the gas tank. If you do and the carwon't start it could be the battery, starter, or many other things.I would try to tow the car to the dealer or a local repair shop toget the vehicle checked out. They hopef ( Full Answer )

How do you change engine on a Ford Fusion?

Disconnect all pipes, wires, ancillary equipment and fixtures and fittings. Disconnect from transmission components. Disconnect from chassis. Lift out engine. Replace with new engine ensuring all connections are made to the correct specifications.

How do you tow a Ford Fusion?

FWD models can be towed via two-wheel dolley. AWD models must be towed via flatbed. Sling-type is unacceptable in any situation.

What refrigerant is required in a Ford Fusion?

The ford Fusion uses the R134a, as the A/C refrigerant like any other car. Only cars up to the early 90's use the R12 .The amount is different from one engine model to another. Always use refrigerant compressor oil too.

Where can you get Ford Fusion key cut?

Ace hardware. They all usually have the c3 which is the certified chip key center. Usually they range between 50-79 bucks depending on the key.

How many seatbelt in a Ford Fusion?

What? Really? Jesus, FIVE. No seriously, you actually had to ask this? There is someone on this planet that had to legitimately seek an outside source to determine how many seatbelts are in a specific common 5-seater midsize sedan?

How many cyliders is a Ford Fusion?

Depend on which trim level u are selecting. I believe the first trim level is a v4 engine but a v6 engine is optional

What are the advantages of the Ford Fusion hybrid?

The advantage of the Ford Fusion hybrid is that it has both a gas engine and an electric motor for greater fuel economy and savings. The Ford Fusion hybrid was introduced to the market in 2009.

What is the price for a used Ford Fusion?

The price of a used Ford Fusion depends on many factors like location, competition among buyers and sellers, and the condition of the used vehicles for sale. A Fusion with standard options will be priced lower than a fully-equipped model, and a buyer will pay a premium for a low-mileage or a late m ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 2009 Ford Fusion?

A 2009 Ford Fusion is worth on average $6000. Depending on condition, model, mileage, and features of the car, it can vary from much less to a little more than the average.

What does si las tiene si you enteresan mean?

Two problems: (i) 'you' is an English word, but online is sometimes used to mean Spanish 'me' or possibly 'te'. (ii) 'si' without an accent means 'if'; with one , 'yes'. So there are multiple possible translations: If you/he/she have/has them, if they interest you/me. If you/he/she have/h ( Full Answer )