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Do snails have eyes?

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Snails do have eyes, but not every snail has their eyes on the same part of their

bodies. For example a Land Snail has their eyes on the tip of their tentacles. A Land

Snail also move their tentacles up and down and from side to side. This helps them get

the best view. Love,



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How do snails protect their eyes?

snails protect their eyes because they roll down the tenticles which sheds them

Do you now where the snail's eyes are?

The eyes of land snails are at the tips of their longer pair of tentacles, and the eyes of marine snails are at the base of these tentacles.

What are snails eyes for?

they are for seeing

Can snails see out of there eyes?


What color eyes do snails have?


What do snails used there eyes for?

To see.

How do snails respond?

They move there eyes

Why do snails pull their eyes into their head when we touch them?

Beacuase just like humans it hurts the snails eyes Beacause your hands have dirt on them and snails dont blink so it hurts the eye

How many eyes does a snail have and where are they?

snails have 2 eyes one on each end of the tentacle

Can snails see?

yes havent you noticed there eyes

Do land snails like the light?

no it is to bright for there eyes

What does a snail see?

Snails can see anything because they have eyes!

Why don't snails like light?

Snails have long stalks which hold there eyes up and the eyeball has no cover so it HURTS!

Where are snails' eyes?

they are those really long ante nae on its head, the balls on top are the eyes

Do snails have ears and eyes and mouths and a body?

yeah they have a body eyes mouth i don't know if they ears

Do snails have 2 eyes?

yes, have you seen the stalks on the snail, that's where they are

Which are the antenae and eyes on a snail?

The two longer appendages on the snails face are considered their eyes, even though they are more of light detectors, while the two shorter ones are used for feeling to see what is in the snails path.

Why are snail's eyes like antennas?

Snails' eyes are not like antennas. They are perched on the top of eyestalks. This way, the snail can move its eyes more effectively.

For an aquarium snail what do they look like?

Aquarium snails are different from regular land snails. All aquatic snails have gills. Just like their land relatives, these snails also have radula(rasping tongue),tentacles, and hard shells. Aquatic snails do not have as developed eyes as land snails. Many aquatic snails have a door or an opcerium at the entrance of their shell. Some aquatic snails also grow to the size of a baseball.

Do snails have a nose?

Yes, their nose is also their tongues which are the two pipes which are under their eyes.

What are two features that squid have in common with snails?

what are some characteristics that the fish and the snail have

Can the snails see colors?

Snails have very primitive eyes, and cannot see in color. They can only see whether it's light or dark, and where the light source is relative to them.

Can snails see in the dark?

Snails do not posses complex eyes in the sense that we do. Snails have light detecting cells located on the ends of stalks on their head. These eye stalks detect changes in light, informing them of a possible attack from a bird by its casted shadow.

What are the antennas on snails used for?

A snail's eyes are on longish projections on its head, and the projections are called eyestalks.

Do paua have eyes?

Yes, the are much the same as Snails, Paua is actually a species of sea snail.