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Nope. :)

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Q: Do the pheromones of human sisters smell the same?
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Why do teachers smell?

For the same reason many teens smell - they are human. And work a lot harder then their pupils.

What is a pheomone?

A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology.

Why are pheromones christened as 'social hormones'?

Pheromones are chemicals that are emitted/secreted by animals that trigger a social response in other animals of the same species. This is why they are "social hormones"- hormones affect behavior, and pheromones cause different social behaviors. There are many different types of pheromones, such as alarm pheromones (e.g. aphids release it when attacked by a predator and it causes them to fly away), food trail pheromones (e.g. ants lay a trail from the nest to where the food is), and sex pheromones (e.g. males secrete it which arouses females around them), among others. In all of these cases, some kind of social behavior is triggered by the releasing of the pheromones.

Do pheromones really work to attract others and where can you buy such a perfume or cologne?

Pheromones are naturally occurring substances the fertile body excretes externally, conveying an airborne message to trigger a response from the opposite sex of the same species. Science is doing a study on insects to see if it can work in the same way with humans.Pheromones were first defined in 1959 as chemical substances excreted by animals to trigger reproductive behavioral response from a recipient of the same species.It was in 1986 that Dr. Winnifred Cutler, a founder of Athena Institute, and her colleagues conducted the first controlled scientific studies to document the existence of pheromones in humans. Prior to their landmark research THERE WERE NO CONCLUSIVE INDICATIONS THAT PHEROMONES WERE EXCRETED BY HUMANS.By 1999, from the biological perspective, the term pheromone can be defined as a chemical excreted by animals that promotes behaviors which perpetuate the species.Now in 2005, the scientific literature recognizes 4 classes of pheromones; territorial markers, mother-infant, menstrual synchrony, and the 4th class that is the area of expertise for Dr. Cutler and Athena Institute; human sex-attractant pheromones.Athena Pheromone fragrance additives have been the subject of three double-lined, placebo-controlled published studies (two of them by independent researchers) demonstrating their efficacy in increasing sexual attractiveness. This rigorous of an investigation is the gold standard of science, and few (if any) cosmetics undergo this type of research bound for peer-reviewed publication.More informationWikipedia's page on pheromones says this:"Some body spray advertisers claim that their products contain human sexual pheromones that act as an aphrodisiac. In the 1970s, "copulins" were patented as products that release human pheromones, based on research on rhesus monkeys."

What human fat smell like?

Human fat smells pretty much the same as pig fat. It has very little odor unless it is heated.

Why is a rat's feces so smelly?

For the same reason human feces does - Rats are omnivores. If a human and a ratty both ate lasagna for three days straight their feces would smell the same.

Does being around a woman with her period cause yours to start?

Women who live together tend to have their periods at the same time. It is believed that this is caused by the so called pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that induce a certain behavior in members of the same species.

Do people have the same smell sensitivity?

no they do not have the same sensitivity to smell

What are the mammals senses?

Senses in animal mammals are the same as senses in human mammals: sight, smell, touch, and hearing.

Do all roses smell the same?

do flowers of the same type all smell the same

How do you keep the smell of a rotting body out?

If we keep the human body at Freezing temperature then the body wont rot or smell. Same way as we do for frozen chickens and other meat stuffs

After pooping why does poop smell fishy?

the reason why human feces (poop) may smell fishy is because you could have eaten fish and some foods contains the same material (J7i) to make it have that particular smell when you release your feces

How do zebras sense things?

Same as a horse (or human), it uses the regular senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Which goes first sisters or sisters or sisters?

The answer to your question is that sisters, sisters and sisters are all the same word and it is a silly question.

Does everyone smell the same thing at the same time?

Of coarse not, although everything has kindof the same smell, everyone smell can vary, just as well as taste

Why do women have the same menstrual cycles in a household?

Blame it on pheromones. Even if you're not conscious of it, they're working.

What are chemicals animals produce for communication?

Many animals produce chemicals called pheromones, which send ¨smell-mesages" to other animals of the same species. This odors have different meanings. One odor attracts a mate. Another sends a warning. Another marks a territory.

What functions do pheromones perform?

Pheromones are very important chemical messages that animals use to communicate to each other. Generally, pheromones tell animals of the same species a) the state of reproductive readiness (Male elk for example can tell if a female is ready to mate by smelling her urine to see if there are certain pheromones present indicating that she is ready) or b) the emotional state of the animal (sometimes fish release fear pheromones into the water to warn other fish of a predator) Pheromones are typically inhaled by animals, and the brain determines what the pheromone means. Even humans can interpret what a pheromone means, even though we are not really aware that we are smelling a pheromone.

How did James found out Bella was human?

by her smell. she smells like blood because she has blood running through her veins. The Cullens o any other vampire dont. So they dont smell the same.

A chemical substance released by an organism that causes a specific behavior in another organism of the same species is called?


What peppercorn smell like?

If you smell pepper its the same thing

What is the symbol of the smell of smoke?

The same as the smell of smoking cymbals

Why do you get a smell of burning hair when you burn wool?

Wool is hair. You will get the same smell because it is the same substance.

How do you smell a FART?

In the exact same way as you smell anything else.

Is there a word to describe the smell of mutton or is it the same for the smell of lamb?