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Basically. YES. You decide you cant pay, you tell the lender you are moving, you move out, lender sells home(not as quik as a car), lender wants balance due on the loan.

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Q: Do the same rules apply to the voluntary repo of a mobile home?
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What exactly is a mobile home grant and how do I apply for one?

A mobile home grant is a grant that you can get when you are seeking out a mobile home for purchase. You can apply for one at a local real estate agency.

Where can mobile home equity loans be found?

You can apply for mobile home equity loans online at the website, MountainSideFinancial. They are the nations current leader for mobile home equity loans.

Sample copy of a voluntary mobile home repossession letter?

A sample copy of a voluntary mobile home repossession letter will have a number of tips which can be used for drafting your own. This will include details of the property in question, ownership details, location and so much more.

Do you need permission from a mobile home park owner to sublet a room?

Check your contract. Almost all rental contracts for Mobile Home Parks require any occupant to be screened and accepted.

Is a mobile home an unlawful detainer?

As I understand it, the term 'unlawful detainer' can only apply to a person, not a home.

How do you get duplicate to lost mobile home title?

You have to apply to the DMV of your state for one. There is an application that has to be filled out.

Is a stay in a nursing home voluntary?

(A stay in a nursing home is normally considered voluntary

Can a police officer stop you for a traffic violation in a mobile home park?

Depending on local laws and the nature of the violation, yes. Serious violations, such as drunk driving and reckless driving, are often enforceable on private property to which the public has access. There may be local ordinances that set speed limits or other "rules of the road" requirements in mobile home parks. Further, if the officer observed the violation on a public highway or street and then made the stop within the mobile home park, all the rules of the road of a public highway apply, as that is where the violation occurred.

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What happens if your mobile home is voluntarily repossessed in Texas and it is on property that you own seperately from the mobile home?

"Voluntary repossession" basically means you're telling the lienholder "Come repossess this; I'll make it easy for you." Since the lienholder has no interest in the property, that means they'll come take the mobile home itself (or you could take it to them), but the property itself won't be impacted except to the extent necessary to drive in a couple of tractors to haul away the mobile home.

what kind of grant can I get to buy a new Mobile home to put on my property and get out of the one that is falling apart and a danger to live in! ?

“what kind of grant can I get to buy a new Mobile home to put on my property and get out of the one that is falling apart and a danger to live in! ” i need a grant that will replace my mobile Home what grant do I apply for get a grant?

What is a mobile home grant?

what is a mobile home grant?

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